Apache Elementary School



Located in the high desert of Southeast Arizona, between the Peloncillo and Chiricahua Mountains, lies Apache Elementary School. One of four remaining one-room schools in the state, Apache Elementary provides K-8 education to the children of ranchers, farmers, and others in this sparsely populated area of Arizona.

Statement of Purpose

Apache Elementary School exists to provide quality educational experiences for this community’s children. The school staff and the Board of Education work together to define and implement quality educational practices. We are ever mindful that this school exists for children. Its purpose is to provide opportunity for children to develop skills necessary for productive lives. It is our mission to so arrange the school organization, its structures, rules, procedures, policies, and course of studies so that each child can learn at his or her maximum rate.

Contact the School

Head Teacher: Miss Loy Guzman         Teacher’s Assistant: Mr. Frank Zepeda
Business Manager:  Ms. Tamara Winkler

APACHE SCHOOL       10488 N. Skeleton Canyon Rd.     Douglas, AZ  85607

PO Box 16405         Portal, AZ 85632        
PHONE: 520-558-2364

FAX: 520-558-2410                   EMAIL: apacheelementary@gmail.com


Press Release #1

Apache Elementary School District #42 is back!

With a new Head Teacher Ms. Loy Guzmán; a New Teacher Assistant Mr. Frank Zepeda; Business Manager Tamara Winkler; three new School Board Members; AND EIGHT – (count them 8) – students.

Apache, AZ September 17, 2017:  After experiencing a major transition during the 2017 summer break, Apache Elementary School District #42 is back in session.  On August 14, 2017, school started for eight San Simon Valley elementary school students at the historic school site.  Land for the Apache School District was donated by the Miller Family in 1910.  Student population during this time has ranged from as many as 23 students to just one student.

As part of her efforts to make the Apache Elementary School a community learning center for the entire San Simon Valley communities, Ms. Guzmán has planned to ask a variety of community members with various areas of expertise to speak to our students.

The first guest speaker was Ms. Ana Grossman.  Ms. Grossman is of Navajo origin and presented a presentation on the culture and way of life of the Navajos.  She discussed a number of items with the students to include a brief presentation of the Navajo Code Talkers and their importance in winning World War II in the Pacific.  She also brought with her a number of Navajo items such as fried bread and a cradle board.  Most interestingly to the students and the faculty was the wedding basket she brought.  The Navajo wedding basket is filled with a blue corn mush which is then eaten by the bridal couple (similar to a wedding cake).  Ms. Grossman’s wedding basket, which she had brought to class, had been hand made by her mother from the skunk berry plant.  The students were extremely appreciative of seeing and touching such a magnificent Navajo heirloom.

The second community member to address the students was Mr. Tom Davidson, a local business man and rancher with extensive U.S. Army experience.  Mr. Davidson presented a brief history of the U.S. Flag; to include the meanings of the colors and the Stars and Stripes.  Apache students are studying the Revolutionary War and so immediately grasped the symbolism of our flag.  Mr. Davidson also demonstrated how to raise and lower the flag and how to properly fold so that it resembled the tricorner hat of the Revolutionary soldier.

These are but the first two of the guest speakers Ms. Guzmán plans to invite to address the Apache Elementary School students.  If you have expertise in any field and would like to present to the students at Apache elementary school, please call Ms. Guzmán at 520/558-2364.  

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