Call 911 - Medical Helicopter Service


At the November 2018 Sew What Club Program, 35 members and guests learned about the 911 system in the Portal and Rodeo areas, including Portal Rescue’s role when 911 is called for a medical emergency, the role of Douglas Fire’s ambulance, and Portal Rescue’s role in fighting fires.  They also received guidelines for calling 911 from landlines in Arizona and New Mexico, and from cell phones.  


Below this message is a handout that summarizes the GUIDELINES FOR CALLING 911.  You can print it out and keep it in a handy place.  These Guidelines are included with the Essential Documents at the Portal Library (see below).  Note the special instructions if you are calling from a CELL PHONE.

What can you do to be prepared for a medical emergency or evacuation?  A guideline to Essential Documents is available in the Portal Library (supported by Friends of the Library).  The packet of Essential Documents includes instructions for copying and storing documents such as 

·      a medication list

·      driver’s licenses

·      medical insurance cards

·      living wills

·      powers of attorney for healthcare

·      contacts lists

·      pet care instructions.  

The packet also contains the 

·      911 calling instructions 

·      and the File of Life medical information cards

Be sure to pick up your copy of the Essential Documents packet at the Portal Library if you haven’t!  If you have already picked up your documents and don’t have the FILE OF LIFE (we ran out in November), they are now available at the Portal Library.  


Medical Helicoptor Service

There are 3 helicopter services that can respond to Portal Rescue 911 calls.  We don't have any control over which one comes, so PR recommends that people subscribe to all 3 services.  Here is info and a couple of comments about each:

AirMedCare (LifeLine/Air Evac): or 1-855-771-1355.  This is the service based in Douglas and is the MOST COMMON provider.  The cost is $85 for an adult or $65 for a senior.

Air Methods Advantage (helicopters are labeled Life Net or Native Air) or 1-855-877-2518.   Life Net is based in Willcox and sometimes responds to Portal.  Native Air is based in Silver City and responds to New Mexico emergencies (not sure if it responds in AZ). The cost is $40/year. 

PhiCare: or 1-888-435-9744.  PhiCares helicopters are based in Sierra Vista.  The cost is $30  if you have insurance, $100 if you don't have health insurance. 

Thus, the total cost for a Senior with insurance would be $65+$40+$30= $135.  An adult without insurance would be $85+$40+100= $225.

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