Chiricahua Gallery

5 Pine Street

Rodeo, New Mexico
(575) 557-2225

Come in, look around, and chat with the daily proprietor.

We are open:10:00 am - 4:00pm (NM) Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun
(January - June: CLOSED WEDNESDAY)


Board of Directors

President: Linda Blake
Vice President: Sarah Thomson
Secretary: Narca Moore-Craig
Treasurer: Trudy Kimble
Business Manager: Tamara Winkler
Gallery Coordinator : Joan McAvoy
Member-at-Large: Debbie Anbinder


Calendar of Events

2016 - 2017

September 22-24 Oil workshop with Crystal
Foreman Brown

October 18 Canvas Affair with Linda Blake

November 18 Holiday Show Members Only

November 19 & 20 Holiday Show

December 7 & 8 Cracked Glass Workshop with
Greg Wayman

February 8 & 15 Weaving Class with Joan

March 4 Classical Guitarist Dr Edwardo

April Chiricahua Gallery membership

April 7 Spring Show Members Only

April 8 & 9 Spring Show

June 3 June Chill Customer Appreciation

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The Chiricahua Gallery is a cooperative, nonprofit gallery featuring original work by local and regional artists, artisans and craftpersons. The Gallery is designated as a historic site by the State of New Mexico. Originally a saloon, then a church and now a gallery, it has been said that the Gallery has progressed from booze, to the bible, to the brush.

The Gallery has been serving area residents as well as visitors from throughout the world since 1986. Income from artist sales serve to further the cultural and educational experiences through scholarships, art for kids, exhibits and workshops.



Chiricahua Gallery

P.O. Box 235

Rodeo, NM 88056




Associate Members will enjoy the following privileges:

• Private previews to all showings. First opportunity to buy the artists’ latest work.

• Opportunity for advanced ticket purchase to all Gallery sponsored events.

• Reduced fees for art workshops.

• Your name displayed on the Gallery Membership Roll Call .

Annual membership is only $25.00 per household.* Since the Gallery is a 501/C non-profit organization,

this donation is TAX DEDUCTIBLE. Simply fill out and return the form below

with your check payable to the Chiricahua Gallery. Your membership will help the Gallery

continue to be part of our community’s cultural foundation.

*Associate members who work at the Gallery each month are exempt from dues. If you are a

current Associate Member, this is good opportunity to renew your membership.


Chiricahua Gallery/Guild Associate Membership Application




Mail this form and check to: Chiricahua Gallery, P.O. Box 235, Rodeo, NM 88056 or drop itoff at the Gallery.


Howard Topoff 2011