Emergency Planning

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Living Will & Durable Healthcare Power of Attorney (AZ)

Anyone completing the AZ form does NOT have to have it notarized, but best to have 2 witnesses sign as AZ requires only one but NM requires 2 (just in case we wind up in the SIlver City hospital).

Living Will & Durable Healthcare Power of Attorney (NM)





Get Large Ziplock Bag

Put all important completed Papers inside it (essential list below), seal tightly.

Store in freezer top shelf at one of the sidewalls.

Essential contents:

1. Portal Rescue info on calling 911 (*tell operator which county you are in!), good to put 911 calling info next to household phone too.

2. Copy of File of Life for each household resident (also tape original to outside of fridge).

3. Copy of all household members Driver’s licenses & Medical Insurance Cards, completed Living Wills, Power of Attorney for Healthcare, & HIPPA forms*.

4. Emergency Support Contacts list!!

5. Pet care coverage specifics: caretakers/vet phone #s, leash/bed/food/medicine info.

*Portal Library will provide free packet of forms. Individuals must xerox personal licenses &

insurance cards, plus may need or want more blank HIPPA copies for coverage at a number of

“local” medical facilities: Portal Clinic, Douglas, Bisbee, SierraVista, Silver City, TMC, Banner UMC.

Emergency Support Contact List specifics:

-line up & list several local residents who agree to help in an emergency, provide them with: copy of your house key or info on hidden key location, where you keep checkbook/cash & other important paperwork that is not in your freezer ziplock bag (general Power of Attorney, Will, SS#) **have your main contact person notify your long distance contacts and your primary care provider if you were transported to a hospital.

-list long distance emergency kinfolk/close friends names & contact numbers; send them your local contact names & phone numbers.

Suggestions: prepare supply list for patient (& companion) during hospital/lodging stay and/or after discharge, note where these items are kept in the home. The list might include things like suitcase, clothes/underwear/shoes, personal hygiene items, glasses, hearing aids, address/phone # book, cell phone/computer/iPad, chargers, wallet, books, water bottle, approved snacks etc, other supplies like pillow/blanket for drive home, including cane/walker/wheelchair if needed. Be certain all costly items are secure from theft.

Herczog Nov. 2018


Medical Helicopter Service

“Helicopter Insurance Membership”

There are 3 COMPANIES that respond to Portal Rescue 911 calls. We have no control over which one is dispatched. Helicopter rescue is very expensive (now costing more than $60,000 per flight) so Portal Rescue recommends residents purchase all plans currently offered locally (as of May 1, 2019, it’s just the first two companies listed below, total cost for those is under $200/yr).

***Please note #3 will continue to service our area but no longer offers memberships.

1. AirMedCare Network, 1-866-633-6582www.airmedcarenetwork.com$65/yr. for senior over age 60, $85/yr. if <age 60.Their helicopter flies out of Douglas, it is the most common helicopter rescue company that flies to Portal-Rodeo.

2. PhiCares, 1-888-435-9744www.phicares.com $30/yr for individual with health insurance, $50/yr per household, otherwise $100/yr. This company flies out of Sierra Vista.

3. Air Methods Advantage 1-855-877-2518www.Airmethodsadvantage.com**Effective spring 2019 this company is NO LONGER accepting memberships. It flies from Silver City, and will continue to be one of the 3 companies that services Portal-Rodeo.

***Medicare & private health insurance may pay for either some or all of a total helicopter rescue bill.Patients flown out of Portal-Rodeo are liable for any charges that are not coveredby Medicare, Medicare secondary plan, or other health insurance plans (for example those held by people under age 65). Individual helicopter insurance company plans, sometimes called "memberships," pay for what is not covered by personal insurance.

Howard Topoff 2011