Dr. Jones Vet 2 U

Dr. Jones Vet 2 U

Dr. Siobhan Jones DVM runs Enlightened Veterinary Care of Portal. She is available for small animal housecalls and vaccinations in Portal, a concierge service at your home or convenient meeting place. Call Dr Jones at 520-249-1661 to schedule in advance. Appointments for residents of Rodeo are also available, but due to New Mexico regulations this service must be performed in Arizona for now*, and arrangements can be coordinated for that.

Dr Jones employs a practical and safe integrative approach towards well being. Dr Jones focuses on holistic medicine and wellness care with a personalized touch, emphasizing gentle natural therapies such as homeopathy and ayurveda, and hands-on treatments such as veterinary medical massage/manipulations and acupuncture. Her particular expertise is client education, results-based management of chronic conditions, geriatric and hospice nursing care, and cases with behavioral/environmental issues. For helpful resources on holistic veterinary medicine, visit these sites: www.theavh.org and www.ahvma.org .

Enjoy the benefits of establishing a consistent long-term doctor-patient relationship with your local "family doctor". Please call Dr Jones for tips on setting up a smooth session for your pet. Because we do live remotely from a 24-hour specialty hospital, it is strongly advised that you have your animal companions seen before they become seriously ill, before a situation becomes an emergency, so that we can try to prevent a crisis from happening. Please do not try to rely on “Doctor Google” as it is dangerously misguiding and incomplete; it cannot substitute for the hands-on exam and treatment by an experienced professional. It is a great idea for you to schedule an initial visit in advance where Dr Jones will get to know your pet. She will do a thorough wellness assessment, including nutritional consultation, and let you know what further actions can be done to promote your pet's optimum health. She can give vaccines at that time if they are needed. Dr Jones offers The Boost, her unique therapy package with positive results for prevention and healing.

Choice medications, supplies and prescriptions are available. For specific requests, the wise pet parent will plan accordingly and give Dr Jones advance notice before they are needed. FYI: Dr Jones may perform basic wound care; she does not do surgery requiring anesthesia. Select diagnostic tests may be performed here; advanced-tech procedures can be referred out by Dr. Jones when beneficial. In emergencies, Dr Jones may deliver triage and screen which cases can be cared for here at home, or refer those which are best treated at a full service animal hospital. Dr Jones can coordinate with other veterinarians, andshe will do case follow-ups here for the best care realistically possible in your pets’ situation. Regarding euthanasia, the responsible thing to do is familiarize yourself beforehand with our policies, options and alternatives. Dr Jones will perform travel health certificates for small animals and herps. In addition to cats and dogs, other animal species (such as reptiles, equines, goats, birds, pocket pets) may be seen if a holistic approach is applicable for their case.

Dr Jones graduated from University of California at Davis and then earned her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Oregon State University in 2001. She did her veterinary externships at open range wildlife zoos in Australia and Oregon. She also has a Master’s degree in Animal Ethics and has lectured and published on the human-animal bond. Dr Jones completed the Pitcairn professional program in Veterinary Homeopathy in Sedona, and multiple courses in Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine and acupuncture from the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society and the Chi Institute. She has taught courses in veterinary anatomy and animal ethics at Oregon State University and St Georges University colleges of veterinary medicine. Dr Jones has been in practice at state-of-the-art VCA Apache Animal Hospital in Sierra Vista for the past 6 years, and previously worked in Scottsdale at Scaredy Cats feline exclusive hospital. Siobhan is from Ireland and has lived internationally. She and her husband have been part-time residents of Portal/Rodeo for over 8 years, and are now transitioning to full time here.

To learn more about the benefits of holistic health care for your animals, just start by setting up a consultation and experience the difference. Please give Enlightened Veterinary Care a call at (520) 249-1661, or for non-urgent matters you may also email
http://www.drjonesvet2u.com Dr. Jones will be most happy to hear from you.

Open hours and scope of practice may be modified subject to community demand, so inquire directly. Because Dr Jones also sees patients in Bisbee and Sierra Vista, it is recommended to schedule with her in advance.

Glow..... Radiate.....Shine!

Dr. Jones is a member of the Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy, American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association, International Veterinary Acupuncture Society, American Association of Feline Practitioners, American Veterinary Medical Association. Enlightened Veterinary Care of Portal is licensed and permitted by the Arizona State Veterinary Medical Examining Board.

What is Holistic Veterinary Medicine?

“It does not matter whether the medicine be old or new, so long as it brings about a cure.

It matters not whether theories be eastern or western, as long as they prove to be true.” Jen Hsou Lin, DVM, PhD.

Holistic veterinary healthcare views symptoms of illness as being similar to the check engine light on a car. When the light starts to flash, it is time to look under the hood for the source of the problem. Similarly, when the symptoms of disease in an animal arise it is time to search for the underlying cause; it is time to examine the whole animal: body, diet, lifestyle, interactions with family members (human and animal) and history.

Simply giving an itchy dog steroids or a vomiting cat an injection to “make them better” is like just disconnecting the check engine light. It stops the light from flashing, gets rid of the annoyance, but does not solve the problem. Likewise, treating only the pet’s presenting symptom can seem to make it better, but this may be only a temporary solution. In the long run, it does not solve the problem or cause of illness…the check engine light will start to flash again. The dog will get itchy again. The cat will repeat her vomiting. Or other deeper symptoms may appear. With a holistic approach the symptoms are used as a guide, a message from the body that something is wrong and needs to be attended to. Holistic practitioners look beyond the immediate symptoms to discover the root cause of the problem.

First and foremost we respect the wisdom and power of your pet’s own natural healing process, and so try to work in harmony with that vital energy instead of counter to it. As a holistic veterinarian I am engaged in looking at your pet as a whole being, not just a list of symptoms of disease. Holistic veterinarians are interested in the pet’s environment, genetics, nutrition, family relationships, risk exposures and stress factors as well as their overall wellness. I will do a complete hands-on physical exam, ask you about his or her diet, lifestyle, activities, personality, health history, and how your pet fits into the family. His or her body, emotions and spirit are all taken into account in that first conversation and will always be considered important in the treatments and follow-ups. From the traditional through state-of-the-art, the most effective and least harmful modalities will be recommended for diagnosing and healing the patient, and your needs and lifestyle as the caretaker will be accommodated as well.

I will do my best for your pet and you, in turn, will be involved in your pet’s healing. We will work together as a team to come up with the best solutions for your animal. Together we will help your animal companion to live as healthy and as happy a life as possible.

Give me a call at Enlightened Veterinary Care of Portal (520) 249 1661 and we’ll talk.

Glow, radiate, shine!

Howard Topoff 2011