Friends Of Cave Creek Canyon - Monthly Report

Your Friends at the "VIC"

The Visitor Information Center used to be the Ranger Station at the entrance to world famous Cave Creek Canyon. After being a visitor center on and off for years, it was closed by the Forest Service about 3 years ago for budgetary reasons.

The Friends of Cave Creek Canyon then assumed operating the VIC, initially being able to keep it open a few days a week.

In 2017 we are pleased to report that with the exception of 6 days, the VIC has been open every day this year. We have had many hosts volunteer lots and lots of hours to keep the VIC open and to assist all the visitors.

It is not only fun volunteering in the VIC, it's also very interesting hearing the experiences of visitors and seeing their pictures. We have heard from many visitors that they learn more and get more information here than at most of the large national parks they have visited. Additionally, Barbara Miller and her volunteers have done a wonderful job creating and maintaining the native garden.



A Few Highlights of 2016

FOCCC Visitor Information Center Improvements

Check out our new 55" TV/Monitor

See the trails and the attractions of Cave Creek Canyon

  • For the first time this century the Center is open 12 months of the year.
  • The new large TV/monitor enables us to show maps and detailed aerial views of the canyon and trails.
  • New heating system.
  • Host John Johnson receives a special commendation award from the US Forrest Service.
  • Intern Alexandria Schlachter assisted for 3 months.
  • Most of these improvements were funded through grants from the Leuthold Foundation

Coming in 2017: more gardens, new RV pads for hosts, building repair, offering of nature walks.

Willow Tank

In March we received a $15,000 grant from First Solar to rejuvenate Willow Tank, to make it back into the great birding place of before. First Solar also donated AND delivered all the solar panels. These panels are the new cutting edge technology panels that are more valuable than standard panels. Thank you, First Solar for your generosity and support.

We have installed blinds, watering systems, plantings and more. Plans include benches, roofs for blinds, additional plantings and more.

Please come and check it out - don't forget you binoculars. About 200 bird species have been seen here!

Additional Highlights:

  • A Special Thanks to the Leuthold Foundation for their grants totaling $15,000 over the last 15 months. Their support has gone partially to the Willow Tank project and mainly to the Visitor Information Center. We are very grateful for their support.
  • In May we had the Spring Garden Party and Plant Sale. It was great fun - both the Portal Wizard and Wyatt Earp showed up.
  • In September, the Heritage Days event was enjoyed by many. It was at the recently opened Geronimo Event Center, next to Chiricahua Desert Museum. Many interesting presentations and good field trips were given. Thanks to Bob and Sheri Ashley for building this great facility. It is so comfortable with great acoustics.

Willow Tank At Sunset

Howard Topoff 2011