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In our smallcommunities, people are always looking for help. Help with plumbing, electrical fixtures, masonry, cabinets, painting, outdoor work - you name it. Often, a handyman/handywoman can do the work. Some jobs, ofcourse, require a licensed contractor. This Page on our web site is divided into two parts:

1. If you have hired someone and would like to recommend them to others, this is the place to list their specialty and contact information.If youchoose to be a reference, include your contactinformation as well. IMPORTANT: If you have hired a local Handy Person who is NOT licensed, you must ask the person for permission to post his or her name on the web site!

2. Ifyou are about to hire someone from out of town but have not yet done so, post your plan here. There may be others who need the same service and you can coordinate service on the same day (perhaps splitting the travel fee).

2. If you are interested in being hired, this is the place to list your specialty and contact information.

Either way, just send me the information and I will post it here.


Recommendations Of People That Have Been Used

Piano Tuning: Steve Fogleman Douglas,AZ85607 (520) 364-7600
Regular tuning is $125.00

Service call is $25.00 (because of the 70+/- miles each way)

Broken strings replaced at $125.00/string

Miscellaneous repairs are discussed depending on complexity

Best way to contact him:kf7yt@juno.com

Tree Trimming: Mark Helling 520 305-1046


Air conditioning upkeep/repair: Mario Gonzalez, Grasp AC
520-384-7870, 520-266-2495;graspheatingcooling@gmail.com


Electrician: Victor Alba 575-388-1312, 575-956-5783


Piano Tuning: Steve Fogleman
3771 W Michigan State Dr
Douglas,AZ85607-6137 (520) 364-7600

People Who Would Like To Be Hired

Service I Need AndPlan To Make An Appointment

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