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Davidson’s Mini Dreams (DMD) Hearts & Hooves is a nonprofit public charity dedicated to serving the needs of others through miniature horses.

Alicia and Tom Davidson (directors) and their trained volunteers take loving little miniature horses to interact with people in senior assisted living and nursing homes, veterans in Wounded Warrior programs on military bases and in hospitals, and school children with special needs through three states.

They also open their ranch to the public where the miniature horses live in southeastern Arizona so you may learn more about them.

Davidson’s Mini Dreams Ranch hosts people of all ages and from anywhere to interact with MINIATURE HORSES.Locally trained volunteers come to the ranch to help guests with the little horses.

Often times families will drive out to spend a couple of hours or a day at the ranch with the horses.

Ranch owners Alicia and Tom Davidson enjoy “teaching” visitors about MINIATURE HORSES as well as their“off the grid” home.

Although Hearts & Hooves, founded in Lockhart, Texas has been in operation since 2001, Aliciaand Tom discovered the power of their miniature horses when Alicia’s mother Wilma came to stay with themin June 2009.

Wilma had congestive heart failure and was wheel chair-bound.Wilma would ask that one of the miniatures be brought up to the porch for her to brush and pet.She would spend hours talking with them (especially Golden Willow who was pregnant at the time), brushing them, and just laughing at the idea that she could have a horse right up next to her at her age!Wilma would read her book with Willow at her side and at times fall asleep in her chair.Willow stayed with her the whole time.Wilma told her sons and friends how she had spent the summer around horses all the time!One month later, Wilma passed away.

Alicia went to Lockhart, TX to be trained by the founder of Hearts & Hooves for two weeks.Upon returning home, Alicia already had 6 friends ready to be trained as volunteers and their first nursing home visit with the horses scheduled.When we see big smiles on the faces of our elderly friends and questions as to when their horse will come back to visit them again, it is hard to express the joy that brings to our hearts.

We dedicate this miniature therapy service to our parents, Wilma, Rafael, Meme, and Thomaswho spent their lives givingto others in need.

Howard Topoff 2011