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Hike For June 20: Centella Point (To Beat The Heat)

Meet at the Silver Peak trailhead at 8:00 am (AZ)

Carol Simon (520) 558-2433 casimon@vtc.net
Jonathan Patt (575) 654-3281
Elaine Moisan (520) 5581308 emoisan2011@hotmail.com


Hike report for June 13, 2019:

This past Thursday, three hikers met in Rodeo to drive down to Rucker Canyon.It was HOT, but temperatures werenot as high as Wednesday due to some cloud cover.

There were no campers at Rucker Forest Camp - the hikers started out at a big patch ofPenstemon Barbatus– the beautiful red Penstemon.The trail was in good shape (thanks to the trail crews!) but there was the expected scramble up to beautiful Rucker Gates and the Grotto cave, where some ate lunch.

At the cave, another Blue-throated hummingbird was observed flying in and out as if near a nest.We are starting to find more “wild” Blue-Throat nests on our hikes.These birds have been (more obviously) nesting on buildings in the Portal area, but the Southwestern Research Station is documenting these cave/waterfall nests.You can help with this research if you encounter a Blue-throated Hummingbird nest in a cave or Blue throated Hummingbird activity near a cave.Contact Michele Lanan at SWRS:mlanan@amnh.org.

Besides the hummingbirds, the hikers also found bear tracks & Turkeys, always a treat.

Next week, meet at the Silver Peak trailhead at 8:00 AZ time – we are planning to hike out to Centella Point to beat the heat.

Hike report & (selfie) photo by Sheila.

Mtn. king

Cochise Head



We recently took the time to review safety items that hikers could carry to help either themselves or another hiker in the case of an accident, or when getting lost, or even just out later than expected. Our group has quite a good safety record (and we never lost anyone permanently) but accidents do happen and some of our hikes are in rugged, remote territory. Here is what we recommend everyone carry:

Space blanket

First aid kit

Matches with fire starter


Signalling mirror

Extra layers of clothing

Extra water

Extra food

Knife or multi-tool

Flashlight or headlamp with fresh and spare batteries

Map and compass or GPS

Hat and sunscreen

It is good if someone in the group has:

Lightweight splint


Duct tape

Cell phone

We have used almost all of these items in various situations. Prepare yourself to be part of a solution.


Chiricahua Trail Crew Volunteer Agreement


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The 62 Highest Peaks, Mountains, Hills, And Lookouts In The Chiricahuas

(Tabulated by Ray Brooks)


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