Hike ForMay 20 - East Turkey Creek To The Waterfall

Meet:Silver Peak Trail Head at 8:00 am( AZ) - 9:00 am (NM)

Carol Simon (520) 558-2433 casimon@vtc.net
Jonathan Patt (575) 654-3281 jonathanpatt@gmail.com
Elaine Moisan (520) 5581308 emoisan2011@hotmail.com


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Hike report for Thursday, May 13, 2021:

Molly and seven hikers met this week – a better turnout than last Thursday!

We decided to hike over to Centella Point and enjoy the recently worked trail. There were many trees down across the trail that now have been cleared, and it is in beautiful condition.

Thank youto the trail crew!

We parked at Rustler Park and hiked up the Long Park road.Two of the hikers took the old side road that goes past the sawmill site (some call this “the Old Telephone Line Trail”).They had to navigate many fallen trees on this stretch, including an enormous aspen that we have admired for many years.We all met up at Long Park, and continued to Centella Point, which was a new destination for several people.One of our group found out that “centella” is one of the words for “spark” in Spanish.

It was a very pleasant day to hike:cool with a nice breeze most of the day – no sparks.The high elevation birds were singing – Red-faced and Olive Warblers, Mexican Chickadees, etc.The springs we passed were both pretty dry – a puddle at each one.Still, the aspen are leafing out a beautiful spring green, and we saw many lupines and other wildflowers despite the parched conditions.We had the whole high country to ourselves – saw no other hikers!We came back along the Crest trail past Bootlegger saddle and back down into Rustler Park – about 8.5 miles total.

Next week, meet at Silver Peak trailhead (8 AZ time, 9 NM) to carpool & hike up East Turkey Creek to the waterfall.There is no trail, so some bushwhacking involved.

hike report from Elaine

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Chiricahua Trail Crew Volunteer Agreement

If you do not have a Volunteer Service Agreement on file with the Forest Service, submit one. Submitted forms don't expire until you terminate them.
Print it, fill out, sign in block 35, and date.You can scan a signed document and e-mail it toveronica.forrest@usda.gov. You can also mail the form to Veronica at the Douglas Ranger District Office:
Veronica Forrest 1192 W. Saddle View Rd.Douglas, AZ 85607


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The 62 Highest Peaks, Mountains, Hills, And Lookouts In The Chiricahuas

(Tabulated by Ray Brooks)


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