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Hike For November 24 (FRIDAY): Ash Spring
Meet at 9:00 a.m. at the Silver Peak Trailhead

Pat Owens 557-7722 rodeonm@vtc.net

Carol Simon 558-2433 casimon@vtc.net

Jonathan Patt558-0152 jonathanpatt@gmail.com

Report and photos by Carol

Jhus Canyon

16 November 2017

Yes, that is a trickle of a waterfall. Five hikers drove into Jhus Canyon,parking in the flat river bottom. Our first stop was to visit a small waterfall up a minor side canyon. It has ALWAYS had water in it, and it did on this day also. A little. A great horned owl flew out of this site as we arrived.

Walking on the road that goes up the hill we all noted how warm it was for mid-November. Hiking temperatures were somewhere in the mid-70s and we were quite comfortable. It was a very nice day in every way.

Less than a mile up the road there is an old residence site that was once on Forest Service leased land. It was a lovely place for a house, high enough for sweeping views, and there is even a very small swimming pool thatremains. Just after this site we made a right turn, still on a road, which leads down into a canyon that we would follow for the next hour or so. An old mining road used to make this walk a breeze. It is a little more challenging now but still very possible to walk— sometimes on a narrow trail and sometimes on a broader“road" ofsorts. Compared to some other trails we have been on recently, this one wasn’t too bad. It was very far from perfect but a comfortable enough walk. Fire damage through this canyon was not bad andthere is significant vegetation, mostly a mix of shrubs plusponderosa pine, Gamble’s oak and Douglas fir. A small stream hadintermittent water.

We reached a large rock where one can pass on either side. To the left is a spring, severalhundred yards upcanyon. To the right is an old mining tunnel and the main trail. It was herethat we hadlunch. Four of the hikers then chose to continue up the trail. From here one climbs 1000 feet over 1 1/4 miles to Jhus-Horse Saddle at an elevation of 7100 feet. The trail was about what you expect for such a remote location— in placesovergrown, rocky and rugged.

Allhikers rejoined to walk out of Jhus Canyon. Individuals walkedbetween 6 and 8 1/2 miles. Afterwards we were allinvited to Al’s for home-made cherry pie. It was a very fine pie indeed!Thanks Al.

Next Thursday isThanksgiving so we pushed the hike to FRIDAY, 24 NOVEMBER. We have a later start time now for the winter, so we will meet at 9:00 a.m. at the Silver Peak Trailhead. We chose a local and very easy hike (it can be extended if you want something more challenging) so EVERYONE can come and walk off that turkey dinner. The hike is a loop thatincludes Ash Spring and is less than three miles. We hope to see you there with your turkey sandwiches. Dogs on leash please.

Thanks for the cherry pie, Al


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