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Hike For April 16:Jhus Canyon,
Meet: corner of Portal & Foothills Rds at 8 AM (AZ) - 9 AM (NM).

Carol Simon (520) 558-2433 casimon@vtc.net
Jonathan Patt (575) 654-3281
Elaine Moisan (520) 5581308 emoisan2011@hotmail.com


Twelve hikers and one dog met at the South Fork berm. Together with two Border Patrol vehicles, we pretty much filled up the parking lot. After telling the Border Patrol what we were up to, we started up the South Fork trail a little after 8 AM. We had clear skies and a cool breeze. Soon the layers came off and it was delightful hiking weather. It took about an hour to get to “the bathtub, “ which was as picturesque as usual.

We tried to maintain proper distance between hikers. Near the old Maple Camp we crossed the creek and followed the Burro Trail, which ascends about 500 ft. to Red Rocks. There we relaxed and took in the scenery. Some hikers snacked or ate an early lunch (it was a little after 10 AM).

The photographer cut two hikers out of the traditional group photo—sorry. Five hikers continued on the Burro Trail to Horseshoe Saddle. After enjoying the tremendous views from the saddle for a while, three hikers returned. One, who left early to enjoy the area, ended up talking for quite a while to a Border Patrol person. A couple hikers went along the Horseshoe Ridge Trail, which is being worked on by a volunteer trail maintenance who were camped in the area. The hikers met the trail crew and socialized a bit. The hikers who turned around at Horseshoe Saddle hiked almost 10 miles. The two who met the trail maintenance crew went a little farther and the the seven hikers who turned around at Red Rocks covered about 5 miles.

Next week, April 16, we will hike in Jhus Canyon, accessed from Whitetail Canyon. Meet at the corner of Portal Road and Foothills Road at 8 AM Arizona time, 9 AM New Mexico time.

Photos and report by Rolf



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