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Hike For January 30:Wood Canyon Or Mouser Canyon In The Peloncillos
Meet at theRodeo Post office at 9:00 am. People from Portal: Carpool from the corner of Portal and Foothills Road where we will meet at 8:45AM

Carol Simon (520) 558-2433 casimon@vtc.net

Jonathan Patt (575) 654-3281 jonathanpatt@gmail.com
Elaine Moisan (520) 5581308 emoisan2011@hotmail.com


On a beautiful morning in the Chiricahuas 15 hikers took off for a spectacular day of exploring the area around the Nippers – the Whitetail Canyon, the Oak Canyon and the many intriguing historical and natural sites along the way. We were off-trail and we used animal trails and creek beds as our highways. The area we explored is rich in human history with several Indian village sites, old mine sites, old homesteads, newer ranch house, caves and stupendous views of the land unpolluted and crystal clear skies. First we inspected some minor pictographs, then we visited an old mine site, then we proceeded over the pass to enter Oak Canyon where we stopped at the Buckelew Cabin where Al gave us the history of the Buckelew’s and the Noland’s.

Lunch was at the North Ranch. Afterwards we explored the nearby cave and then went up a side canyon previously much used by international travelers but now only with faint evidence of a trail. This way we encircled the Nippers before exploring another village site. It was a long but rewarding day as we returned to our vehicles. It got even better as we followed the hike with a visit to Al’s place where he provided us with amazing gourmet pies. Thanks.

Our total hike was about 7 miles but what a variety it brought us.

Next week 1/30:Meet at theRodeo Post office at 9AM. Destination either Wood Canyon or Mouser Canyon in the Peloncillos. To be decided by the hikers showing up - longer versus shorter.

For people from Portal: Carpool from the corner of Portal and Foothills Road where we will meet at 8:45AM



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The 62 Highest Peaks, Mountains, Hills, And Lookouts In The Chiricahuas

(Tabulated by Ray Brooks)


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