House Sitting/Renting

If you know someone who wants to house sit or rent a room, apartment, etc for a period of time they should send the Webmaster details (location, dates, length of time) and theirContact Information.

If you have such a place available immediately, look at the web page and see if you find a match.

If you have a room or guest house available and you know that you will be home while the guest ispresent, it is ok to send me the details for posting.

But if you are planning to be away, and no match is posted on the web site, you probably should not “advertise” that you willNOTbe home.


Looking For Trailer/Rent

I stayed at Mountain Valley Lodge for a few months early 2018. I work 6 months out of the year in Colorado as an Innkeeper.

I am looking for a place to rent November - March or until I find a trailer or large camper to buy. I will place at Rusty’s RV permanently.

I’m also looking to buy a trailer/camper, maybe someone in the area has one to sell.

I return to Colorado May 1.

Can I place an ad on your site?

Thanks, Mary505-382-2078


Howard Topoff 2011