House Sitting

If you know someone who wants to house sit or rent a room, apartment, etc for a period of time they should send the Webmaster details (location, dates, length of time) and theirContact Information.

If you have such a place available immediately, look at the web page and see if you find a match.

If you have a room or guest house available and you know that you will be home while the guest ispresent, it is ok to send me the details for posting.

But if you are planning to be away, and no match is posted on the web site, you probably should not “advertise” that you willNOTbe home.


Temporary Home Needed

I have owned land in Portal for 10 years and now I finally get to build a house and move there!

I have preliminary house plans that I will send out for bids and, based upon the results, will place my house in Peoria for sale.

When it sells, I plan to move to Portal and watch/manage the house building process.

While there is not a definitive date, I am targeting around 1 July right now.

So my question is, does someone have a place I can rent for 6-9 months at a reasonable rate?

Thanks and looking forward to be finally moving to Portal.

Scott Madaras

Howard Topoff 2011