La Buena Vida Farm


La Buena Vida Farm is a small family run farm located
in the beautiful valley just near Portal. We offer seasonal CSA shares throughout the year to our community. We also sell at various farmers markets throughout our growing season.

It is our goal to provide a full diversity of arid-lands adapted heirloom crops throughout the year.Although we are not certified organic, our growing practices exceed the standards for certification. We never use commercial fertilizers or pesticides. Our soils are nourished as in the natural world with farm-derived organic matter. Green manures and cover crops are used along with crop rotations to maintain biological diversity and to ensure that our crops and soil stay rich in essential nutrients. We practice a Zuni influenced style of sunken bed gardening with ample cover material in attempt to collect and preserve our precious rainwater.

We feel it is our God-given responsibility to continually enrich and replenish the land we are blessed to tend.

La Buena Vida Farm believes in “authentically grown food”, for us, the agrarian lifestyle reflects that we grow our food and treat our soil in an old world manner that embraces the love and deep appreciation for the food we grow and the ground we tend. We are responsible for our children’s future and must keep unique seeds and agricultural heritage alive.

Most importantly, we treat your food with the same care and concern in which we provide to our own children. We take great pride in what we offer and always make every effort to ensure your satisfaction.

“Good Food, Good Life”

How do I get a consistent supply of the

best pick of the garden?

Through La Buena Vida Farm CSA program!!! Our CSA runs throughout the year and you always get the first and best pick of the "bounty" as a CSA member. Any excess produce that is not reserved for the CSA will be sold at farm stands. Our CSA members receive freshly baked organic bread or free range eggs each week along with their produce. The cost is $25 a week.

Your participation in La Buena Vida Farm CSA program affords us the ability to reach our goals and reinvest in our farm. Give us call, drop us an email or check out our web site if you would like to join or learn more.

La Buena Vida Farm Web Site

We look forward to providing

the Portal and Rodeo

community with freshly

harvested farm produce.

Howard Topoff 2011