Ol' Time Picnic (2011)

On a beautiful day in September, the Ol'Time Picnic was held at the Southwestern Research Station. After a delicious pot luck lunch, Barbara Roth gave a presentation on the history of the Research Station.


Stephen B. Reed Ranch (Homestead) 1879-1920

Bide-a-wee Ranch 1921-1946

Painted Canyon Ranch 1946-1955

Southwestern Research Station 1955-to Date

1878-79Property settled and log cabin built by Stephen B. Reed (died 1912) and his father, Leonard Reed (died 1879 and buried at Portal).

1912May 22. H.E. Survey #45 Homestead (134.47A) recorded at Douglas, AZ, by G.A. Walker.

1915July 12. Sold to Edward J. Hands by Walter S. Reed and recorded Sept. 24. July 25. Lula L. Walker, Alice R. Mills, Claudia Reed, and George C. Reed, each transferred 1/6 interest in Stephen B. Reed Ranch to Edward J. Hands. (See Edward Hands, Book 65, p. 335, July 18, 1916 "Reed Ranch")

1921Jan. 18. Sold to Frank W. Officer by Edward J. Hands and then called Bide-a-wee Ranch.

1926March 8. Sold to Harry A. and Emma Clark (wife) by Frank Officer. July 20. Sold to Harry A. Clark by Sheriff. Rock walls along creeks, main house, and rock foundation for what is now the laboratory built. Harry Clark died 1938.

1939March 28. "Bide-a-wee Ranch" left to Emma Clark by Harry A. Clark. Aug. Transferred to Jerome A. and Katherine Clark. Jerome died by lightning about 1943.

1943Oct. 15. Left to Katherine Clark by Jerome A. Clark. Transferred back to Emma Clark. (Record of Katherine Clark to Emma Clark is missing).

1946Jan. 2. Deeded to Susan McAndrews by Emma Clark for $23,500. Called "Painted Canyon Ranch", -it was operated as a dude ranch -- source of foundations scattered about the property. Recorded May 3, 1955 to Susan McAndrews and Bernard K. McAndrews.

1950Oct. 24. Sold to Weldon F. and Phyllis W. Heald by Susan McAndrews (a single woman). Date of record May 3, 1955.

1955June 7. "Painted Canyon Ranch" purchased by the American Museum of Natural History with money donated by David Rockefeller ($50,000 plus $3,000 for furnishings).


1956May 2. Osborn Memorial Laboratory completed.

1956May 14. Susan McAndrews Bonnet sold 10.07 acres to SWRS

1956Units 5-7 completed with Rockefeller and other monies

1957-58A wing added to the laboratory through the generosity of Dr. David Rockefeller and Dr. Albert E. Parr. Mr. Herbert F. Schwartz and Mr. Bernard Heineman funded enlargement of the dining room.

1958Rock barn rebuilt for bachelor quarters (#14).

1959May 20. Susan McAndrews Bonnet sold Frank Preston of Butler, PA, 36.5 acres at $200 per acre.

1959-60Units 8-13 built with National Science Foundation funds.

1962May. Resignation of Resident Director Dr. Mont A- Cazier, replaced temporarily by Dr. Willis Gertsch and Dr. Jerome Rozen in 1962.

1962Sept. 1. Vincent D. Roth appointed Resident Director.

1977Frank Preston donated 36.5 acres to the Southwestern Research Station.

1977March. First Cal Poly Pomona Arizona Class

1985May 23. Wade C. Sherbrooke arrives as Assistant Director.

1986March 1. Wade C. Sherbrooke appointed Director. Vincent D. Roth retires.

1991Completion of Technical Equipment Laboratory (TEL) (NSF/AMNH funded).

1993June. Completion of Animal Behavior Observatory (ABO) (NSF/AMNH funded).

1996June. Completion of researcher storage sheds (AMNH funded).

1996June. Completion of Live Animal Holding Facility (LAHR Library/Collections addition to the Osborn Memorial Laboratory, and renovation for Computer Room and Director's office (NSF/AMNH funded).

1997June. Completion of winterized housing duplex, units 15 and 16 (NSF/AMNH funded).

2003Dawn S. Wilson appointed Director. Wade C. Sherbrooke retires.

Howard Topoff 2011