Paradise Cemetery

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The Paradise Cemetery Association

Article 6. Burial Privileges: Eligibility for burial is available upon request, subject to approval by the Executive Committee, to any person and immediate family whose primary residence is or was within the area defined Below: The Arizona/New Mexico boundary on the east, the south border of Township T 18 S, near Sulphur Draw, extended to the crest of the Chiricahua Mountains on the West, and the Third Standard Parallel on the North.


President: Ted Troller

Vice-President: Debbie Bernard

Secretary/ Treasurer: Reed Peters 520-558-2334
PO Box 16525Portal, AZ 85632


Cemetery Annual Meeting

Saturday, May 11, 2019


Debbie Bernard, Ted Troller, Reed Peters, Marcia Troller, Bud Hiatt, Jeanne Williams, Diana Hadley, Laura Zeuner, Joan Jensen, Delane Blondeau

Call to Order

1:15 AZ time by Ted Troller

No elections this year


Move to accept minutes by Delane Blondeau and Bud Hiatt

Treasurer’s Report

Only one check was written for $79.82 to the Forest Service for a permit to be on their land. Six books were sold.

Should we continue to keep paper bank statements for $5 a month? A motion was passed to keep paper statements by Laura Zeuner and Debbie Bernard

New Map of Cemetery

A big thank you goes out to Debbie Bernard and her sister Loy for all the hard work putting together a new map of the cemetery. Great compliments have been heard.

Veteran’s Flags

Shane Burchfield has volunteered to put out the flags now that Greg Wayman has passed. Ted Troller will be helping. They will be put out 4th of July and Veterans Day, and will stay up a week. Also Memorial Day.

Clean Up Day

18 people showed up. Jackie Lewis brought snacks and coffee and Scott and Toni Arena paid for the meal afterward at the Portal Store. Debbie Bernard sent out thank you notes to Jackie Lewis and Scott and Toni Arena.

The cemetery looks great. Bud Hiatt thought it might be too strenuous for the elderly and maybe there could be some easier jobs they could do while still helping.

A Fall clean up may be warranted.

Ted Troller asked how can people mark their plots for the future? Have something permanent in case you live a long life.

New Business

An updated Cemetery Book is needed. Ted mentioned waiting until 2020. It has not been updated since 2012. Reed and Debbie thought adding an insert to the existing book was a good idea.

There are now 165 people buried in the Paradise Cemetery.


Diana Hadley thought we could do some research like Brooks White has done and come up with names for the unknown, unmarked graves.

This should maybe be a new, different project with a committee or ask the Historical Society to join in on this project.

Ted mentioned starting a committee. Jeanne, Reed, Dianna and maybe Bud volunteered to be on the committee having no chairmen. A “think tank” of sorts.

Cemetery Books

Jeanne thought we were almost out of them. Ted has at least 50

Motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Debbie and seconded by Reed.

Marcia Troller provided delicious refreshments we enjoyed after the meeting.

A Map And Complete List of Grave Locations Appear Below The Slide Photos


Howard Topoff 2011