Portal Rescue-Minutes

Portal Rescue Inc.

Meeting Minutes

May 15, 2019

Attending: Cary, Bill, Jackie, David, Dinah, Victor (online)

Active members: Carolyn Nordstrom, Barbara Roth

Two community members

1. Call to order (Cary) 6:23 PM

2. The agenda was adopted unanimously following Cary’s suggestion to move discussion ofchanges to bylaws and of electronic storage to the very end. Those not directly involvedwith these matters could then leave early.

3. Minutes of the March board meeting were approved unanimously after David movedand Bill seconded the motion to adopt the minutes without changes.

4. Reports

4.1 President’s Report (Cary Booth)

4.1.a. The replacement brush truck has been delivered.

4.1.b. Thanks to David Newton for addressing problems with parking lot lights atPR station.

4.1.c. Changes to the bylaws did not pass at the March meeting.

4.2 Treasurer’s Report (Jackie Lewis)

4.2.a. Expenses to date: $31,455.09

4.2.b. Income to date: $19,185.79. It is not unusual for expenses to exceedincome at this time of year.

4.2.c. Cash assets now total $164,215.01.

4.2.d. Payment was received from Arizona State Forestry for the Rockhouse Fire.

4.2.e. Purchase and transport of Brush 6 replacement totaled $17,440.

4.2.f. The tax preparation fee is now $350, versus just $200 last year.

4.2.g. Insurance paid year to date totals $7,175.

4.2.h. Full itemized income/expense and balance sheet are available uponrequest. Contact Jackie Lewis: winjac12@vtc.net

4.3 Fire Chief (David Newton)

4.3.a. No operations since the March meeting

4.3.b. April training was well attended.

4.3.c. Nothing new on grants

4.3.d. Brush 9 is back in service.

4.3.e. The replacement for Brush 6 has arrived, and the vehicle needs to beregistered.

4.4 EMS Chief Report (Assistant Chief Jackie Lewis)

4.4.a. We have responded to three emergency calls since the March meeting.

Two calls were attended by just one EMT. Steve Chapman was driver forone of these calls. Thank you! One call was attended by two EMTs.

4.4.b. Four EMTs and one driver attended April training. We are filling out ourskills sheets and reviewing equipment and protocols as the skills arechecked off.

4.4.c. Jr. Epi‐pens and Normal Saline have been restocked.

4.4.d. Rescue 3 is ready to leave for Mexico with some supplies stocked in thecabinets.

5. New Business

5.1 Bill and Ray are working on new manuals for new members and Board. Davidwill review and comment prior to publication.

5.2 Rescue 3 is ready for transfer to Puerto Palomas, which currently has no rescuevehicle. Bill will discuss and schedule the transfer with their coordinator. Carythanked Bill and Jackie for the necessary preparation.

5.3 Driver’s training online and hands on: presentation by David is deferred until thenext meeting.

6. Old Business

6.1. Following a motion by David and a second by Jackie, the Board votedunanimously to move forward with acquisition and installation of insulatedambulance bay doors at a cost of $4637 installed. The doors are chain operatedand composed of panels that fold into a platform over the vehicles. Advantagesinclude no banging and little heat transfer.

6.2. Bill will attend the installation by a crew working a single 10‐hr day, yet to bescheduled.

6.3. Following a motion by Bill and a second by Jackie, board members votedunanimously to replace failing ambulance bay lights with fluorescent bulbs fromstorage where ballasts are still good and until these are exhausted, and tosubstitute LED lights ($1.00 more and longer lasting) where ballasts are bad.

David will follow up to determine conditions of ballasts and to find a means ofaccessing and changing out lights.

6.4 The Board has already approved resurfacing of the classroom floor. This projectwill take advantage of a commercial sander rented for a time block by Ray

Mendez. New flooring of tough epoxy (plain, no speckles) will cost $400, plusour contribution to rental of sander, and require a 3‐day block of inactivity in theclassroom. The product must be applied quickly after sanding and takes 48 hrsto cure.

6.5 Portal Rescue would benefit from community help with several ‘construction andmaintenance’ projects at the station. These projects include at least:replacement of ambulance bay lights (per above), replacement of overhead lightsin the classroom (bulbs already purchased), replacement of (all broken) sky lightsin the fire bay, backfilling at the well head, placement and hooking up of exitlights, replacement of classroom floor, maintenance of grounds and classroomcleaning. Volunteer help will be solicited through the community Google Group,and Dinah will write up a sample email. EMTs will have to learn basicmaintenance on Rescue 4.

6.6 David reported that we will not be submitting a proposal by end of May 2019 tothe Wildland Fire Hazardous Fuel Grant Program. Availability of these grants wasnot announced until early this month, and the application procedure is comples,requiring interaction with USFS, AZ State Forestry, and letters of support from keyparties. We hope soon to identify key areas for creation of fire breaks, and DebbJohnson will begin conversations with individuals included/affected. The plan isto have something ready to submit next year, should the program be renewed.

6.7 Bylaws

6.7.a The Board reviewed portions of the bylaws requiring clarification andmade suggested revisions that will be circulated widely to activemembers prior to finalization of text and a vote to incorporate changes.

6.7.b No committee was organized/appointed/needed to solicit and reviewinput from members or to draft updates to bylaws.

6.7.c No committee was organized/appointed to updates bylaws.

6.8 Discussion of electronic data storage was deferred to a subsequent meeting.

7.0 For the Good of the Order

Jackie discussed the upcoming blood drive on May 17, when the mobile Red Cross unitis bringing four people to do the draws. Of the 41 appointments, 23 were filled, but afew cancellations came in. Walk‐ins are welcome. All donors should come wellhyadrated. Currently there is a shortage of type O blood, and shortages will occur in allblood types by the end of May. If you have a valid email, you can receive a $5.00 giftcard in exchange for donating blood.

8.0 At 8:24 PM, Cary declared adjournment.


Diane W. Davidson, Board Secretary

Howard Topoff 2011