Portal Rescue-Minutes

Portal Rescue, Inc.

Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting on Thursday, November 2, 2017 6:30 p.m. in Portal Rescue Classroom

1 Call to order at 6:37 pm: 6 Board Members present; 1 Board Member joined by videoconference at 7:12 p.m.; 6 active members plus 4 members from the community.

Tamara J Lawson was elected by the Board to fill the post of Secretary, and resigning Secretary Terri Farley was thanked for her service.

2 Adoption of agenda: Motion to adopt as written by Newton, second by Ray; motion carried

3 Minutes of Board meeting for August 7

Corrections/Acceptance of minutes: Motion to accept as written by Jackie, second by Ray; motion carried

4 Reports [include from written summaries to be obtained from each]

4.1 President

Bill Wilbur reported on reading all the documents submitted for the meeting, and expecting positive input from Ray Mendez and Jennifer Racicot regarding the upcoming mission and vision statements. He said he did not expect final solutions for the mission and vision statements to come out of this meeting. He noted that Brush 6 is now operational and work is progressing on the injector pump replacement on Rescue 3. As for finding a licensed electrician to make the emergency light installations in the classroom he said that electricians he contacted were either too busy or Portal was outside their desired work area. Ceiling tiles have been located and will soon replace the stained ceiling tiles currently in the classroom. Portal Rescue is now looking for the loan of a floor sander or will have to rent one to begin the floor surface replacement.

4.2 Treasurer

Jackie Lewis: I would like to thank Morgan Jackson for her preparation and mailings for the donation drive. Also, for seeing that there was a need for someone to collect donations at the Sew What Octoberfest.

Total donations received for the donation drive to date (11/2/2017) are $11,700. Donations are still coming in. Thank you, so very much, to all of the community members who support Portal Rescue with your donations. Letters

of thanks and included receipts are being generated and will be in the mail soon.

We’ve also received income in the following categories: grants - $916, fundraising - $60, misc. income - $961 (refund from Traveler’s Insurance for Workman’s Comp payment) and rent - $350.

Total Income as of October 31, 2017 is $22,772.16

Total Expenses as of October 31, 2017 is $48,266.50

Total income for this year’s budget does not include monies referred to above as they were not yet deposited.

Total cash assets equal $188,315.84

4.3 Fire Chief: David Newton since August 7th 2017

Operations: August 22nd small roadside fire started by the county's mower.

Training: August training was poorly attended. September training was well attended. We had a useful training in October, but it was poorly attended.

Two firefighters attended a 6-day rope rescue class in October. Jerry Racicot recertified and David Newton got a new certificate, both at technician level.


Tender 1 - front bumper still need replacement.

Brush 8 – hose reel battery box flooded and circuit breaker damaged. Parts replaced. Brush 6 – Bad gasoline removed, two in-tank fuel pumps replaced, new drag-link installed to correct skewed steering wheel. Gear indicator switch in steering column fixed.

Grants: The County’s dispatching radio channel is still mucked up, so I have still been unable to test the pagers purchased under our 2014 AFG grant. The sheriff's promise that it would be working by mid-June has come and gone. At last word an "interface" had been ordered, but still no word on when it would be functional.

The August 17th Desk Review (audit) of our AFG grant went well. With a couple added policies and an inventory of our pagers, we will have covered all the shortcomings identified in the audit. To that end, on October 31 the Board took an email vote on a policy covering purchasing when using federal funds and also a policy on management of property purchased with federal funds.

Vote was 6-0. I submitted these policies in a response to the findings of the Desk Review.

4.4 EMS Chief: Jerry Racicot

Calls: Since the last meeting Portal Rescue has responded to 7 calls

Equipment: Medical supplies were ordered and stocked for Rescue 4 and Brush 8, including IV supplies, Epi-pens and Narcan.

Training: Three Portal Rescue EMTs took a National Registry refresher course offered by Sierra Vista Fire completeting the requirements to re-certify both their NREMT and AZ state EMT. TMC held a CE training event last month that was well attended by our EMTs. A special thank you goes to Dennis McAvoy for providing the training for Health Care Provider CPR. 7 of our EMTs took this training at no cost.

Roster: Our current raster has 8 EMTs on it. Three of these are also licensed in NM. Two additional EMTs are expected to complete their testing for NM license within 30 days.

NM: I have been informed by David Whipple (Hidalgo EMS coordinator) that Animas has had a couple of their EMTs retire recently. This may delay service in Hidalgo County during the week. With the shortage, an ambulance will have to come from Lordsburg. We also went over some of the dispatching policy that affects Portal Rescue.

New EMT training: Hidalgo County will be hosting an EMT course in Animas starting in January. Details have not been released, but Portal/Rodeo residents are invited to attend. Upon competition of the course and test, the participants will be eligible for NM, AZ, and National licensure.

Fuels reduction: I spoke with both Mike Renovato and Eric Huddleston about fuels reduction around the Portal Fire Station. Consensus: if to remove the fuels from Portal Road up to the station except for some of the more mature trees. Trees not removed will be trimmed limb up. A chipper will be brought up to mulch debris. Once available, the crew will set up a date to complete their work.

Chief’s Lunch: Jennifer will be coordinating the Chief’s Lunch which is November 15. If you would like to volunteer to prepare a dish or help serve, please call her at 520-558-0036

5 Old Business

5.1 Editing plan for Standard Operating Guidelines (SOGs):

Ray noted that active members had raised concerns about writing/editing of the SOGs, so the Committee suspended efforts to edit until all concerns could be addressed. Motion by Jackie, amended by John, amended motion second by Ray: Suspend enforcement of the following SOGs until review and revision is completed by Board and Active Members: Disciplinary Action; Code of Ethics. Motion carried. Revision of these guidelines, as well as others not yet approved (Chain of Command, Social Media, etc.) to be completed within 14 days of the conclusion of the next EMT and Firefighter meetings (tentatively scheduled for third Saturday in November 2017) by SOG Committee members, Yerger, Mendez, and Wilbur. Committee will complete revisions with input collected from active members at those meetings, then present final versions of SOGs at the subsequent Board Meeting.

5.2 Credit Card – Consideration – Bill/Jackie:

The issue of first responders fronting operational expenses from personal funds during extended medical and fire incidents has been the subject of exhaustive discussion and consideration by the Board for over a year. The prospective credit card policy presented by Jackie, was discussed at length by Board and meeting attendees. Motion by John, second by Ray to postpone until subsequent Board Meeting a vote on credit card policy, at which time a finalized set of policy documents will be presented. Motion carried. Anyone with an opinion on this matter is encouraged to review all previous Board minutes, thoroughly read prospective policy documents (attached), then submit written comments and/or questions to the Board.

5.3 Fuels Reduction – Jerry:

Board unanimously approved motion to proceed with fuels reduction around Portal Rescue buildings as recommended by Douglas, AZ DOC Hand Crew.

6 New Business

6.1 Debb Johnson presentation of October 18th Firewise meeting:

Summary of well-attended Firewise presentation by Mayra Moreno, Firewise Coordinator from AZ Department of Forestry and Fire Management. Firewise Assessor class will be offered to the community free of charge on January 13, 2018. Details to be announced. The Board thanked Debb for her efforts in arranging these presentations/classes.

6.2 Master Plan and Manuals for New Members and New Board Members – Ray:

Presentation on need for “Master Plan” to assess where the organization stands with regards to equipment, operations, etc. and to project future needs and goals. Participation welcome from all interested parties, including members of the community. Motion by John, second by David to establish Master Plan Committee,

chaired by Ray. Motion carried. Part of this effort will be to create brief documents that allow for easy understanding of the roles and responsibilities of new Active Members (EMTs/Firefighters) as well as Board Members, to reduce the learning curve involved with joining Portal Rescue.

6.3 Vision statement and Master Plan for Portal rescue – Jerry or Jennifer

Brief presentation on desire for vision statement and how it fits into Master Plan. General agreement to roll this into Master Plan Committee discussions.

6.4 Power cot versions – Jackie

Discussion precipitated by recent back injuries of EMTs. Presentation given on options for refurbished power cots and hydraulic lifts. Such power cot and hydraulic lift combination available for half cost of new. Cost of equipment is significantly less than what workers compensation would cost should any EMT injuries occur due to manual lifting of current cot. This year’s budget can accommodate the purchase. Motion by Bill, second by Ray to purchase refurbished power cot and hydraulic lift as presented, conditional upon compatibility with our rescue vehicle. Motion carried.

6.5 November Chief’s Luncheon – Jerry

7 Addenda – none submitted

8 For the Good of the Order – none submitted

9 Adjourn

Motion to adjourn by David, second by John. Motion carried, meeting adjourned at 9:25 p.m.

Howard Topoff 2011