Portal Rescue-Minutes

Portal Rescue Inc.

Meeting Minutes

March 27, 2019

  1. Call to order 6:50 PM

2. The Sky Island Grill and Grocery donated pizzas, all gratefully wolfed down by board members, active members and community members. Thank you!

3. David Newton’s motion to adopt the agenda was seconded by Ray Mendez and approved unanimously by the Board.

4. Minutes of previous board meeting were reviewed briefly. Jackie Lewis moved to adopt the minutes, John Yerger seconded, and the motion carried.

5. Reports

5.1.President’s Report (Bill Wilbur)

5.1.a. Bill’s statement of gratitude is attached.

5.1.b. Acquisition of a replacement brush truck is under way and should come in on budget.

5.1.c. Changes to the by-laws did not pass.

5.2 Treasurer’s Report (Jackie Lewis)

5.2.a. The Muma Endowment Fund CD will be rolled over into a new CD in October of this year. We are limited to using only interest over the life of the CD and the lifetime of Portal Rescue.

5.2.b. Checking account balance is $35,996. Purchase of the new vehicle to replace Brush 6 will most likely require us to cash out our Rainy Day CD.

5.2.c. Interest income has not yet been reported for the 1st quarter.

5.2.d. Portal Rescue cash assets currently total $179,116.53.

5.2.e. Income to date is $12,096.28. $7019 came from fundraising, $75 from rent and $70.28 is misc. income from Amazon Smile.

5.2.f. Expenses to date total $7,978.94. Extra stamps were purchased before the price went up and they are reported in the cash assets.

5.3. Fire Chief (David Newton)

5.3.a. Operations: None.

5.3.b. Training: Good attendance in February. Poor attendance in March. John Yerger completed training in Wildland Chainsaws and in Intermediate Wildfire Behavior.

5.3.c. Vehicles: Brush 6 and Brush 9 are out of service. Almost concluded is the purchase of a replacement chassis to carry the pump for Brush 6's fancy compressed Air Foam System (CAFS).

5.4.d. Grants: We were awarded a $1205 VFA grant. We buy $2410 of wildland equipment through AZ State Forestry's GSA program and only get invoiced for half that amount. Most of that equipment has already been delivered.

5.4 EMS Chief (John Yerger)

We have participated in 9 EMS calls since the last Board Meeting, bringing us up to 10 for the year (quite a few for this point in the calendar!). Although the unfortunate aspect of this fact is that neighbors and visitors have needed our help more than usual, the silver lining is that our team has come to perform like a well-oiled machine. Trainings have been well attended recently.

6. Old Business

1. Donation of Rescue 3 to Mexico should proceed with no further issues on our end.

2. Chiefs Yerger and Newton will continue to investigate online driver training courses. The online component of training would supplement primary hands-on training that is being developed by interested volunteers.

7. New Business

The format for reporting expenses was approved by the Board.

8.For the good of the order

8.1. Firewise (Debb Johnson)

8.1.a. We received a $500 award from the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) and State Farm Insurance for our planned activity on Wildfire Community Preparedness Day (May 4). Thanks to all who voted online. We’ll be clearing brush, grasses and downed trees along the creek between Rock House Road and Old Creek Road. Part of the award will be used to hire the big brush trailer again this year. Neighbors can bring their own trimmings as well as the stuff we clean up on that date. We are hoping to have the trailer available all weekend and longer if possible.

8.1.b. Arizona Department of Forestry and Fire Management has still not announced the 90/10 grant application opening. Debb is on a mailing list to be notified when it opens. Last she heard, they were expecting to announce it in March or April. (We can hope.) The later it is, the less likely we’ll be to get a crew out here to do the work because of fire season starting. Hopefully, our wet winter will keep our fire season quiet.

8.1.c. Community members living in the Portal FireWise area and continuing FireWise practices are encouraged to keep track of their hours worked and dollars spent for fuel reductions on their properties. Please send data to Debb Johnson < dalderjohnson@gmail.com > or Teri Denson <densonteri@gmail.com > to document expenses and hours invested in fuels reduction and home modifications to match FireWise principles.

8.2. Blood Drive (Jackie Lewis)

8.2.a. The recent Blood Drive included 33 draws, 10 walk-ins, and some new folks. An exceptional drive in the honor of Greg Wayman was the draw for this event.

8.2.b. The next blood drive will take place on May 17th.

9. Elections of new Portal Rescue Board

9.1 Elections were held for new board members, and the votes (on paper ballots) were collected into a hat, called out by Ray Mendez, and tabulated publicly by Barbara Miller.

9.2 Elected board members went into executive session to determine roles that members would play. The outcomes are:

President: Cary Booth

Vice President: Bill Wilbur

Treasurer: Jackie Lewis

Secretary: Diane Davidson

Member at Large: Victor Shawe

9.3 Chiefs elected by the active Fire and EMT members are:

Fire Chief:David Newton

EMT Chief: John Yerger

Welcome to the 2019 board of Portal Rescue!

9.4President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary will have signing privileges on Washington Federal Account 2117256988.


Cary moved, and Bud seconded that the meeting be adjourned. The vote being positive, the meeting was adjourned at 8:40 pm.

Prepared by Raymond A. Mendez (former Vice President), and edited by Diane Davidson, David Newton and Jackie Lewis. See following pages for President’s summary.


Diane W. Davidson, Board Secretary

Howard Topoff 2011