Portal Rescue-Agenda


Portal Rescue Inc.

Board Meeting Monday Sept 23, 2019 6:00 p.m. (Arizona time) in Portal Rescue Classroom

All community members and Portal Rescue members are encouraged to attend.

Call to order

Adoption of agenda

Minutes of Board meeting for July 15, 2019 found at https://www.portalrescue.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/PORTAL-RESCUE-July-2019-publish.pdf – Please read before meeting

Acceptance of minutes


VP Report: Bill Wilbur

Fire Chief: David Newton

EMS Assistant Chief: Jackie Lewis

Treasurer: Jackie Lewis

President: Cary Booth

Project status updates

Old Business

For purposes of updating the website and documents, are we using: Radio Communications Operators or Radio Operators?

Finalize edits of Active Member application forms

Discussion around By Law updates regarding definition of being present.

New Business

Dollies for chairs, chair leg inserts, chairs for Portal Rescue classroom.


For the Good of the Order

Adjourn no later than 8:30PM

Nomination of Mary Willy to the Portal Rescue Wall of Fame is based on the description of her contributions below (and see 6.1 above).

Portal Rescue was already operating when Mary was approached about donating land for the first building. Our fire truck was then housed in Ted Troller’s barn. All our medical equipment had been moved from Blondeau's pump house to the silver building sitting along the shed at the Portal Store and donated by the Forest Service. Larry Devers helped us get an old blazer that was parked there.

Bill and Mary Willy donated a level and easily accessible tract of land on which to build the fire house. The original 2-vehicle bay, built in 1991, is dedicated to Bill Willy. Joan White and Debbie Bernard taught the first EMT class in the building. That was 1996 – there were no bathrooms, and the building was very cold. The blazer was parked outside along the building and if we girls had to pee badly and we did not want to walk to the store - guess What!!!!!

Then, around 1998, we raised funds for the classroom. We approached Mary again for a little more land so we could put in a septic and heli-pad. Pete Rawdon donated all his time and equipment, and Debbie Bernard sourced out the right size rock for the pad, which is now just a parking lot on the side of the 2nd building. Mary did not hesitate to help. Devorie made Mary a certificate of the first flush of the new bathroom, and it still hangs in the little bathroom in her house. Mary did a lot to help us get where we are today.

For many, many years, Mary’s garage housed the home medical equipment that was available to people to borrow.

Howard Topoff 2011