Scottie McKasson’s Yoga-Tai Chi-Classes


This a FUN, different, and active but internal yoga, great for men as well as women. A fairly low impact yoga, much of which is done on the floor. Great for all ages.

You don’t have to be a pretzel to enjoy this yoga.

Don’t let shyness keep you away. 95% of the time participants will have their eyes closed, focusing within, so no one can see you! There is no competition - everyone works at their own level. There is only one rule --- you must have FUN ! ! !

This yoga will help improve your creativity, strengthen your immune system, help you develop a more focused mind, and balance your emotions.

Be sure to bring at least two blankets for padding, or a yoga mat and blanket if you have one, and a couple of pillows (small, thick throw pillows are best). Wear loose fitting clothing. Also bring water.

Classes Starting January 2020

Tuesdays at 10:00 am - In The Portal RescueClassroom

Price $12.00 per class - Bring A Blanket!

Ongoing classes(January to April, and resuming in Sept. 2019)not a class series - drop in any week.

If price is a problem trades or other arrangements may be possible. If you have a skill to trade (sewing, help weeding, etc.) please call to discuss.

For more information call 557 - 2467


Exercise Class

You won’t be bored in this fast paced exercise class that requires minimal exertion. The class Strengthens, Balances, and Stretches muscle groups - front and back and side to side/

Balancing upper and lower back muscles with abdominal and other muscles in the front of the body can help correct sagging bellies, swayed backs and other back problems. Back and side muscle exercises can help with scoliosis conditions. All arm and leg muscles are also balanced.

You can learn this routine in just a few weeks and make it your own home workout. No equipment necessary. Start at your present level of fitness - whatever it may be - and become fitter gradually.

Good for both men and women of any age. Anyone can do this.

Portal Rescue Classroom.

$12.00 per class.


A MOVING MEDITATION --- integration of body mind and spirit through slow movement

AN EXERCISE FOR HEALTH --- good for all ages

A MARTIAL ART --- an ‘internal’ form of Kung Fu

Promote your health and longevity and delve into the mysteries of the Tao by learning this ancient Chinese Martial Art - Yang style.

Starting October 1


For information call575 - 557 - 2467

Trades or other arrangements may be possible



Available if there is enough interest.

Please call Scottie toget on the list 575 -557 - 2467.


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