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Smuggler’s Moon - A Guide To Home Protection

I get a lot of drug traffickers passing through my particular area, and I finally found a pattern to it. This might be of great interest to other people in the area.

This is a 'thing' I recall from my days in the Coast Guard. We'd spend weeks sitting in the Mona Pass (or sometimes Windward Pass) waiting for drug boats to try and sneak through. Mostly, for us, it was the Mona between the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. They had open ocean to the south and open ocean north of these passes, and would try and pick strategic times to sneak through these dangerous funnels that the Coast Guard watched.

One of the scuttlebutt theories we'd pass around was the Smuggler's Moon. They didn't know if a Cutter was lying in wait, so they'd try to sneak through in the radar chatter of breaking seas and shore right along the Dominican Coast (or Haitian/Cuban coasts in the Windward). To do that and not end up on the shoals they needed a moon, and not just any moon would do, they needed a moon that lasted all night so they could thread all those shoals and be in open water again before daylight.

So, that's a Smuggler's Moon - any moon, even a partial moon, that rises in late afternoon or early evening and gives light all night.

A few months back I began to wonder if the same wouldn't hold true here. These smugglers come up through these rugged mountains at night and they sure can't do that without a moon, so in looking back at my sporadic encounters they do indeed seem to coordinate with an all-night (Smuggler's) moon. It makes perfect sense that these guys, maybe with millions in coke or heroin, would be perfectly aware of this and time their dash to a night with a good long moon.

So, now I watch the moon phases and stay on guard during these times. We're in the beginning of one of these phases in the few days. There will be a Smuggler's Moon starting about May 5th and lasting until the middle of the month, growing less favorable after that.

This is a convenient site to follow the moon phases so you can be on guard:http://staging.timeanddate.com/worldclock/astronomy.html?n=197&month=5&year=2017&obj=moon&afl=-11&day=1


Olympic Gold For Rolf Koford & John Yerger

The Portal version of the Special Olympics requires firefighter candidates to walk three miles in less than 45 minutes, wearing a vest loaded with 45 pounds of weights. On Saturday, April 16, Rolf and John completed the course in 41 minutes, 5 seconds, which was record time for Portal candidates. Congratulations to Rolf and John. In less than 24 hours after their remarkable performance, General Mills has announced that the photo below will soon be on every box of Wheaties in the supermarket.


Rodeo Tavern Open For Dinner Thursday Nights

Due to the large demand for food on Thursday nightsthe rodeo tavern and grill kitchen will open on Thursday nights.

When the demand for food is gone so will the Thursday night kitchen.

Wednesdays will stay the same. Bar only. If Tanya is bartending onWednesday nights she will turn on the deep fryer and make something.

We try to never turn people away.

Starting this Thursday March 2, 2017 the kitchen will be open 4:00- 8:00 p.m.for food.

Thank you for your continued support

Rob and Debbie

Howard Topoff 2011