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Rodeo CommunityGarage Sale ____________________________________________

Saturday April 28 2018

9 am til 3 pm

Rodeo Community Center

16 Hickory St. Rodeo, NM 88056

Come out for a day of…Selling.

Buying,SwappingShootin’ the Breeze!

Inside---6 foot, table spaces are free and by reserve only/1stcome 1stserved.

Outside---spaces are open to the public, provide your own table/display.

The Rodeo Community Association will provide beverages and a lunch menu, available at a reasonable price.

To reserve your inside space, call 575-557-1400 or emailjdmeenach@msn.com


May 5



May 23 - 26



The Biology of Lizards Conference will be held
May 23-26, 2018

Hosted by

Chiricahua Desert Museum & Geronimo Event Center Rodeo, New Mexico

Register now!
Submit Your Abstracts No Later Than May 1, 2018

Lodging is Available Go to theBoL Websiteor Facebook

We have exciting invited speakers!

●Dr. Eric Pianka will deliver the Keynote. His talk is titled, "Towards a Periodic Table of Niches, or Exploring the Lizard Niche Hypervolume." Dr. Pianka will give us an exciting presentation.

●Dr. Barry Sinervo is our Featured Speaker. His talk is titled, "Rock-Paper-Scissors Games in Lizards and Other Vertebrates.

●Ms. Debra Hill is our Plenary Speaker. Her talk is titled, "What Are We Conserving? A Lizard's Tale."

● Dr. Carol A. Simon is the honored Guest. Her talk is titled, "A Brief History of Lizard Biology at the Southwestern Research Station of the American Museum of Natural History."

● Dr. Laurie Vitt is our Banquet Speaker. He will engage us with his title, "Lizard Stories: From Basic Observations to Hypothesis Testing."

Dr. Gordon W. Schuett

Dr. Chuck Smith

Bob Ashley

Sheri Ashley

Guest Organizers

Dr. William Cooper,Dr. Wade Sherbrooke, Mr. Lawrence Jones

A Special Thank You to Our Amazing Sponsors


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Zoo Atlanta

Oklahoma City Zoo

Chiricahua Desert Museum

Copperhead Institute


May 26


September7 - 9

Howard Topoff 2011