Wildfire Protection Plan


Final News from the E-CCCWPP (‘Equip’) Steering Committee

At a meeting in January, 2012, we were informed that Cochise County was considering writing a county-wide Community Wildfire Protection Plan, and we were advised to investigate whether or not Portal Rescue would consider contributing a small amount of funding toward that $65,000 effort, which would be handled (written) by a private enterprise. At its May, 2012 meeting, the new PR Board noted that larger, wealthier communities had yet to contribute funding, and that our smaller community would benefit whether or not we actually helped finance the effort. The decision about our contribution was deferred, pending follow-up by PR Fire Chief David Newton.


Meeting Summary

E-CCCWPP Steering Committee

November 10, 2010

This meeting was attended by Steering Committee members Dinah Davidson, David Johnson, David Newton, and Bob Walton, as well as by Jack Marvin, Ruben Morales and David ?? (USFS, Douglas) and by Drew ?? (BLM CWPP specialist, Safford).

We first reviewed three maps that Jack Marvin and Ruben Morales generously provided. These maps were intended to show, respectively: (1) tentative boundaries for the WUI; (2) vegetation within that and surrounding areas, and (3) fire risk in those same areas. It was agreed that the maps likely will meet our needs for the writing of the CWPP. Jack will adjust the boundaries to reflect preferences of the Steering Committee and will send Dinah the names of vegetation types, so that she may integrate descriptions of these specific stands into her writing. Advice from Jack and Ruben somewhat contradicted that received at the last meeting, and it was decided not to extend the WUI all the way to Stateline Rd. Except where northern and southern boundaries are determined by roads, boundaries now correspond to section lines and were drawn to include only desert and grassland habitat closest to wooded foothills. Jack and Ruben will also pull from a USFS data base, information on fire history within the proposed WUI boundaries. This information is needed for the Introduction to the CWPP.

Jack and Ruben also delivered two large FireWise signs for placement in the community. Dinah volunteered to provide plywood backing for the signs.

Additionally, Bob Walton and David Johnson reported on their practice ‘run-through’ for FireWise evaluation at Jackie Lewis’ property. This exercise went pretty well, although they are still making decisions on the specific check-list that will be used in the future. David Newton coordinated Flip Elliott’s crew in clean-up of brush on grounds, so that Portal Rescue property sets a good example for FireWise. Thanks to Bob, David, and David for their help with these matters.

A question about timing of the first community meeting arose, and we were advised that this meeting should follow completion of the first draft of the CWPP document.

In the parking lot, and after Jack and Ruben had departed, we realized that we had forgotten to ask about the possibility of community access to the USFS burn site. David ?? volunteered that it would be possible to take brush there, with some supervision (to avoid having fridges and other refuse end up there). The USFS would bring up a truck and do a burn there at a safe time. David Newton will try to get things going on this, so that residents with brush to burn this autumn may be able to use this site.

The next meeting will be held after Dinah has had an opportunity to incorporate descriptions of maps and vegetation into the writing of the CWPP.

Howard Topoff 2011