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Founded June 14, 2008

Mission Statement:

A gathering of local History enthusiasts to collect and organize, to preserve, and to share natural and human history of our area.

The Chiricahua-Peloncillo Historical Society's primary function is to share our history through historical programs and field trips.

Please join us for information sharing“FIELD TRIPS” to are sites and learn the family histories and stories from our local residents.


Important Announcement Fom President Winkler

I am very pleased to announce that on July 23rd of this year Ted Troller gifted to the society his adobe museum located at the mouth of Cave Creek Canyon. I want to publicly thank Ted for this generous donation which will go a long way in displaying and preserving the fascinating history of our area. A survey of the property was required and my thanks go to Jeremia Teague of Salsa Survey who donated his valuable time and effort to accomplish this. I would also like to thank attorney Chris Hitchcock of Bisbee who generously donated the legal work to incorporate the society, which now operates as an Arizona non-profit corporation.

The museum building needs some work, and Bud Hiatt has agreed to help us in this regard. In order to accomplish repairs, we will need things like labor, paint, cabinets, etc, and of course money, in order to turn this into a viable and functioning historical treasure. Remember that the mission statement of our historical society is to collect, preserve, organize, and share with one another the human and natural history of the Portal area.

We now have a new mailing address which is Box 16194, Portal, AZ 85632, and would be happy to receive any donations for the new museum, which are tax free.

Mary W. Winkler, President


Become a Member

Individual: $10.00 a year

Family : $15.00 a year

All meetings, Field Trips, and Programs are open to the Public. Contributions are welcomed.

Officers of CPHS

President: Mary W. Winkler 575,

Vice President: Bonnie Catanzaro 575 557-2311

Secretary/Treasurer :Alicia Christensen

Communications & Public Relations:
Laura Zeuner 520-558-1318

Field trip planners:

Budd Johnson, Chair 520/558-3266

Convener:Jeanne Williams

Please contact any of the above, if you would like to lead a field trip or suggest a location.


Paradise Cemetery (3)

Paradise Cemetery Association

Article 6. Burial Privileges: Eligibility for burial is available upon request subject to approval by the Executive Committee, to any person and immediate family whose primary residence is or was within the area defined Below: The Arizona- New Mexico boundary on the East, the South border of Township T 18 S, near Sulphur Draw, extended to the crest of the Chiricahua Mountains on the West and the Third Standard Parallel on the North.


President : Ted Troller (520) 558-2230

Vice-President : Debbie Bernard (520)558-2417

Secretary/Treasurer: Reed Peters


P.O. Box 16525, Portal, AZ 85632

Join us and support your cemetery. No Dues for Members. Contributions are Welcomed.

Annual Meeting Open to the Public.


We invite you to scroll down the page and click on any photo. The photos are divided into the following categories: Personlities; Locations; Organizations; Special Events; and Publications.Each click will take you to the relevant page. Enjoy!


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Schaughency Park


Paradise Remembered


Roads In Cave Creek Canyon


Marble In The Chiricahuas

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Paradise Record

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Paradise Cemetery
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Revised Jan 2010 "Resting in Paradise" includes photos of all grave markers/graves in Paradise Cemetery and identifying information and location keyed to new Map of Paradise Cemetery by Bob Waldmire - published by Paradise Cemetery Association.

$12.00 available from all PCA officers.

Howard Topoff 2011