Hike For June 17 - To Be Decided By Who Shows Up

Meet: Silver Peak Trail Head at 8:00 am( AZ) - 9:00 am (NM)

Carol Simon    (520) 558-2433     casimon@vtc.net    
Jonathan Patt  (575) 654-3281     jonathanpatt@gmail.com
Elaine Moisan  (520) 5581308      emoisan2011@hotmail.com



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Hike report for 6/03/21

South Fork to close to Chute

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Report and photos by Eskild

Four hikers and what was billed as a dog (tiny) met at the Silver Peak Trailhead. We decided to hike the iconic South Fork Trail.

Because of time constrains we hiked only 3.5 miles up the trail. The part to Mable Camp is in very good shape and in great use. Beyond the Camp it starts to deteriorate but is still hike able to the Chute. A most enjoyable day in the neighborhood. The South Fork Trail needs attention.

About the South Fork Project and what you can do to help make it a reality:

John Sumner who has worked volunteer trail crews in the Chiricahuas for years put it this way:

“The first few miles of the trail are easily the most visited and used in the entire Chiricahuas. This is Birder Country. Beyond that, the trail has terrific views along the canyon bottom and is especially lovely when the big-tooth maples turn in the Fall. The first leg of the Sky Island Traverse starts at Silver Peak and from there continues up the South Fork trail to the Crest trail. The first four miles of the trail climb gently up the canyon but the last 3 ˝ miles climb steeply out of the canyon from 6000’ on the way to the Crest at 9000’.”

The Project: The trail has had ten years of neglect that include a major fire (Horseshoe II) and a hurricane (Odile). The plan is to restore the trail all the way from South Fork Road to where it joins the Crest Trail. Clearing the corridor affectionately known as The Chute at mile 4 includes cutting out or moving all downed timber and brushing overgrowth away from the trail. There also will be trail relocating involved since parts of the former trail are missing. The South Fork project is part of a larger effort to restore the South Fork trail.  This is an effort that will include paid crews from Wild Arizona paid for by a grant and matching funds from Chiricahua Regional Council and Coronado National Forest. It will also include the volunteer trail crews that John Sumner has assembled. They will work on the lower part  October 3- 10 and upper part in October 10-17. The Wild Arizona Trail Crew is expected to commence work in the Autumn of this year.

You can help by either volunteering to work with the John Sumner group and/or donate to the Chiricahua Regional Council’s Stewardship program at https://www.chiricahuaregionalcouncil.org/

Our  route

 The group:

The view:

Next week 6/9/21 we meet at the Silver Peak Trailhead. Here we shall decide where to hike. Meet at 8AM AZ or 9AM NM time.

Extra Hike Report

Photo and report by Carol

Four hikers could not manage the 8:00 a.m. meet time and left one hour later for Rustler Park. Walking the Crest trail to Bootlegger Saddle we admired the fading irises, lupine flowers and seed pods, a minute red centipede, a pleasing fungus beetle, ladybugs, great expanses of lime-green ferns and the views, of course. The mountain spiny lizards at the saddle looked healthy except for the one that was dead. We ate our lunch at Bootlegger and happily found a family with two other kids there. We then walked down the Long Park Road back to Rustler. Thanks to those of you that improved the Crest Trail. It was much safer for all of us.  Overall, the high elevation was cooler, greener and less dry than the surrounding area, as expected.


Chiricahua Trail Crew Volunteer Agreement

If you do not have a Volunteer Service Agreement on file with the Forest Service, submit one. Submitted forms don't expire until you terminate them.
  Print it, fill out, sign in block 35, and date. You can scan a signed document and e-mail it to veronica.forrest@usda.gov. You can also mail the form to Veronica at the Douglas Ranger District Office:
    Veronica Forrest                 1192 W. Saddle View Rd.Douglas, AZ 85607


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The 62 Highest Peaks, Mountains, Hills, And Lookouts In The Chiricahuas

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