On Tuesday afternoon. September 4, the 4th annualPersona Non Grata Regattawas held in Cave Creek. With the water raging after the Labor Day weekend rain, the creek offered a treacherous boat race. Rapids high enough to flip even the largest boats, and crocodiles delighted by all the people who walked in the creek behind their boats, freeing them from snags, tree trunks,and rocks.

With our usual collection of beautiful boats, it was a colorful parade down Cave Creek.

The event launched at the Poorwill creek crossing (with Mayor Debb blowing a whistle) and ended at the Creek Road creek crossing. And the winner was Craig McEwan, with his now famous Caesar’s Salad Bowl.

Congratulations to Craig, who bested last year’s champion, Reed Peters. Thanks to all who entered. Many boats required a lot of work! Orchid Davis won the Certificate for Most Artistic Creation!.

Howard Topoff 2011