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October 25 - The Cave Creek Canyon Visitor’s Information Center is open.
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Chiricahua Gallery

The Chiricahua Gallery Needs Your Help!

We couldn’t do it without you! The Chiricahua Gallery is now open on Saturdays and Sundays. We are in need of volunteer Hosts. With additional Hosts, we could be open on Fridays as well.

The Chiricahua Gallery is staffed by volunteers who are instrumental in keeping our doors open. Hosts have great fun meeting and greeting visitors, helping with purchases, and answering visitors’ questions. Hosts volunteer one day per month, from 10:00 – 4:00 and are responsible for opening and closing the Gallery, balancing the cash drawer, and completing the day’s paper work. If you live here part-time, that’s okay; we could use your help when you’re here. The Gallery is following Covid-safe practices so please be assured we intend to provide a safe hosting environment.

There are many benefits of being a volunteer host such as receiving a complimentary Associate Membership ($25 value). But most importantly, you are supporting a local gallery that provides scholarships for local students, is designated a New Mexico Historical and Cultural Site, and supports local and regional artists.

For more information about this volunteer opportunity please go to:https://www.chiricahuagallery.net/2020/10/24/the-chiricahua-gallery-needs-your-help/

Board of Directors, Chiricahua Gallery



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