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New Mexico:



Part 1 - Prepared By Dr. Howard Topoff

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Vaccinations In Arizona -November 25, 2021

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Vaccinations In New Mexico - November 25, 2021

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Cases In Arizona -November 25, 2021

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Cases In New Mexico - November 25, 2021

Rate of coronavirus (COVID-19) cases in the United States as of
November 12, 2021, by state

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Cases In Hidalgo County: 630

Rodeo: 16 Animas: 86 Lordsburg: 532


Part 2 - Prepared By Dr. Eskild Petersen

Breaking news as of 11/26/21

Our Coronavirus update will reflect current information on the new variant of concern Omicron -if it proves to be a major threat.

New Covid variant: How worried should we be? It is clearly too early to say

  • The variant known as B.1.1.529 or Omicron has been detected in small numbers in South Africa, Hong Kong, and Belgium so far.
  • The numbers are indeed very small so far in SA
  • South African scientist Tulio de Oliveira said in a media briefing that the variant contains more than 30 mutations to the spike protein, the component of the virus that binds to cells.
  • On the ACE2 receptor — the protein thathelps to create an entry pointfor the coronavirus to infect human cells — the new variant has 10 mutations. In comparison, the Beta variant has three and the Delta variant two
  • Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, President Biden’s top medical adviser on the coronavirus,told CNNthat the new variant appeared to be spreading rapidly, but that the United States must find out whether existing vaccines are effective against it before considering a travel ban.
  • "The epidemiological picture suggests that this variant may be more transmissible, and several mutations are consistent with enhanced transmissibility," Peacock said in a comment shared by the UK's Science Media Centre.
  • She added that while the significance of the mutations and their combination is unknown, some of those present in the latest variant have been associated in others with immune evasion.
  • The U.K. ,much of Europe and Hong Kong immediately moved to ban flights from South Africa, Lesotho, Botswana, Namibia, Eswatini and Zimbabwe.

The epidemic

  • Cases are rising in most of the US. We are approaching 100,000 new daily cases
  • Hospitalizations and deaths are rising as well.
  • Hospitals are being overwhelmed once more.
  • The unvaccinated continue to be the problem as the main source of the recent wave of infections, hospitalizations, and unspeakable numbers of unnecessary deaths.
  • More children and young people are infected so we can expect more problems with long Covid-19 symptoms

Cases in Arizona and NM are very high.

  • A virus is not political, but vaccination has somehow become a political issue
  • The vaccines are remarkably effective at preventing severe Covid, but almost 40
  • percent of Republican adultsremain unvaccinated, compared with about 10
  • percent of Democratic adults.
  • Analysis Finds Partisanship Matters More than Age, Race, Education or Insurance Status in Predicting Whether Someone Received a COVID-19 Vaccine
  • This situation is a tragedy, in which irrational fears about vaccine side effects have overwhelmed rational fears about a deadly virus.

  • Treatment options are coming:
  • There are 2 different anti-viral oral medications that have shown promise in clinical trials – molnupiravir (Merck) and PAXLOVID™ (PF-07321332; ritonavir) (Pfizer)
  • Both drugs’ cuts hospitalizations and deaths in newly infected high-risk recipients
  • Molnupiravir has been approved for use in UK
  • PAXLOVID is a combination of two different drugs (PF-07321332 and ritonavir). PF-07321332 is designed to block the activity of the SARS-CoV-2-3CL protease, an enzyme that the coronavirus needs to replicate. Co-administration with a low dose of ritonavir helps slow the metabolism, or breakdown, of PF-07321332 for it to remain active in the body for longer periods of time at higher concentrations to help combat the virus.

  • US is not doing well but Europe is in an even worse shape.
  • In certain pockets of Europe, unvaccinated people, much like in the US, are driving the latest surge in infections, filling strained hospital wards, and sending governments scrambling to head off another wave of the pandemic.
  • Germany's health minister Jens Spahn has issued his starkest warning yet on the importance of getting vaccinated. "By the end of this winter everyone in Germany will either be vaccinated, recovered or dead."
  • Greece institutes a vaccine mandate.
  • In parts of Europe, whether you’re vaccinated or not has become a political identifier like in the United States.


Hidalgo County is a low vaccination county. Rodeo has an extreme high risk for infection. Be careful. Get vaccinated. Get a 3rd booster dose. Use a mask.

Cochise County is a low vaccination county. Portal has an extreme high risk for infection. Be careful. Get vaccinated. Get a 3rd booster dose. Use a mask.

  • Booster shots are recommended for adults. If you had the Johnson&Johnson get a second shot with Moderna or Pfizer.

  • The mRNA vaccines (Pfizer and Moderna) are superior to the Johnson&Johnson vaccine.

in inducing immunity

  • Prior Covid infection is very variable in inducing protective immunity. You still need to be vaccinated.
  • All healthcare workers must be vaccinated to protect patients.

  • The Moderna and Pfizer vaccines are both effective in preventing severe disease and deaths but immunity as with all infections or vaccines wanes over time and Delta is much more infectious. If you are 18 or older, get a 3rd shot.

  • J&J - 1 jab vaccine is a viral vector vaccine and is much less effective. It probably never should have gotten an emergency use authorization from FDA . Take the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine.
  • If you are not vaccinated and are not wearing a mask, you pose a risk to yourself and to the rest of us. Take the jab. Wear a mask.
  • If you are vaccinated, if possible, stay away from indoor events where people’s vaccine status is unknown. Wear a mask.

Face masks have somehow become controversial, but they are a key public health tool that can help slow the spread of the virus.

How do we compare to other countries?

Arizona and New Mexico data

The threat of Covid-19 spreading in our communities is very real.

New Mexico Data:

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