Home Help


Portal and Rodeo have significant home care needs, both medical and non-medical.

If you would like to provide such services, paid or volunteer, please provide the info belowand we will add your name to the list on the Portal-Rodeo website.

Arrangements are to be made privately, depending on services needed and your availability.

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Info we need from you:


experience (not required for most services)

contact information - phone, email

services offered

fees - per hour, per day, mileage/gas

any hours/days you choose

(volunteer services always welcome)

Examples of services needed - non-medical:

Household chores:


doing laundry

changing sheets,

feeding birds

watering plants


buying groceries

preparing meals


help with bathing/dressing

help with walks outdoors

driving on outings to Rodeo, Willow Tank, picnic, other

daily communication by phone or in person


local outings - PO, etc

transportation out of town: Drappointments, shopping

Services needed - professional

CNA, RN work

through agency (when becomes available in Portal)

private pay

List Of Participants (as of May 12, 2019)

Laurence Budd

970-402-3216 LBBUDD53@gmail.com

Two course completions in dementia care; Colorado Cert. senior peer counselor, Colorado CMAP, meaning allowed to dispense meds to patients, including narcotics. I use the contented dementia program from Britain.

Services Offered: ALZ and dementia care, overnight or as needed, respite care, advocate, patients' rights, cooking, light cleaning, hospice, deathwatch. Dealing with dementia training for families. Experienced in late stage, combative, catatonic.

Rates: Minimum 3 hour visit for $60.00 Eight hour shift@ $18.00 per hour. 50 hours and up per week at negotiated amount. I do live in care. Men and women.

Vetted and endorsed by The Aspen Club, Fort Collins, CO. I am on their list of private caregivers distributed to area hospitals, nursing homes, etc.

I plan to be back in Portal beginning of September, through the winter.

Howard Topoff 2011