Home Help


List Of Participants Able To Help (as of July 31, 2019)

Denise Bartelle

Available,to do light house keeping, and cooking meals. Rate $15.00 / $20.00.
25 yrs.as experienced cook and baker. Call:907-254-3330


Laurence Budd

970-402-3216 LBBUDD53@gmail.com

Two course completions in dementia care; Colorado Cert. senior peer counselor, Colorado CMAP, meaning allowed to dispense meds to patients, including narcotics. I use the contented dementia program from Britain.

Services Offered: ALZ and dementia care, overnight or as needed, respite care, advocate, patients' rights, cooking, light cleaning, hospice, deathwatch. Dealing with dementia training for families. Experienced in late stage, combative, catatonic.

Rates: Minimum 3 hour visit for $60.00 Eight hour shift@ $18.00 per hour. 50 hours and up per week at negotiated amount. I do live in care. Men and women.

Vetted and endorsed by The Aspen Club, Fort Collins, CO. I am on their list of private caregivers distributed to area hospitals, nursing homes, etc.

I plan to be back in Portal beginning of September, through the winter.


Anahis Escamilla

reference: Chris Wilbur

prefers email contact:


house cleaning

$15 - $20 /hr


Coni Hargrave

I am looking for clients in need of home care. I am an LPN (no longer licensed). I have 14 years experience. I have recently worked with 2 ALS patients providing all their needs. I have also worked with dementia/stroke patients. I can also provide some re-hab services and wound care. I have extensive training in emergency medical care and have current CPR status. I have worked the last year as a live- in provider in Deming. I charge an hourly rate and have numerous references . I prefer not to work weekends so I can spend time with grandkids.

References: Jill Cavalier, Julie Harrington, Mary Abbott, Kathleen Talbot, Signe Nowasadko, Melissa McIntire



Melissa McIntire RN, (Retired)

575-557-7755, cell 520-561-2516

Experience: RN 1998- 2012 (now retired). Home Health assistant 2009 to present, professional driver in past

Services: personal care (including bedside), home rehab, driving to appointments, laundry, cleaning, general caretaking tasks for ill or injured patient clients, some Spanish language fluency

**Also a skilled Seamstress: alterations, mending, home accessory construction like curtains, decor etc

Fees: vary according to service needed

References: Kathleen Talbot, Maya Decker, Claudia & Deborah Herczog


Adrianna Rascon

reference: Loy Guzman


house cleaning, other household chores



Victor Shawe



reference: Deborah Herczog

handyman (20 yrs experience)



Portal-Rodeo Residents Need Home Help!

-House/Yard assistance (cleaning, laundry, linen changing, meal preparation, feeding birds, watering, outdoor upkeep tasks)

-Errands (grocery/pharmacy trips)

-Transportation (to Post Office, Library, local events, to Douglas, S Vista, Willcox, Tucson)

If you want to be listed as a Participant please submit the following information to: htopoff@vtc.net

-Name, phone #, email

-Services offered

-Provide brief description of experience/qualifications)

-Fees per hour, day (volunteer services always welcome), gas reimbursement if appropriate


Howard Topoff 2011