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Border Patrol Locator Program

As you know, by far the major source of crime in this area involves illegal traffic through the area in one form or another. When faced with emergencies, it is imperative that the Border Patrol be able to respond quickly. That is often not the case due to our remote rural location and poorly documented access routes. The Border Patrol is eager to find a solution to this problem.

Border Patrol has been made aware of the locator program Portal Rescue uses for emergency response, and how it works. They are interested in establishing a similar capability. However, since the locator information Portal Rescue uses is strictly confidential and cannot be shared, a group of us are volunteering to help create a similar but completely separate locator program and database suited to Border Patrol's needs.

Here's how it would work:

Say you are involved in or witness an activity requiring emergency response from Border Patrol. When you call and give details a Border Patrol agent keys in your name and telephone number. The locator program verifies your location and provides specific directions to the agent in the field on exactly how to get there. Directions can include your GPS location for calling in other advanced support such as emergency medical or law enforcement. With a few more keystrokes the locator program can identify key people in your area to be notified so that they may in turn alert others within your local community. This will allow you to take added measures to protect against possible criminal activity.

Participation with this program is voluntary.

If you want to be included, it's easy. Simply e-mail me (Lee Dyal at: BPLocator@gmail.com a note with the following:

Name(s), last name, first name

Phone Number including area code

Physical Address

email address

GPS location (if known)

Directions to your property from a mile marker on a major road. Include distances.

If you think you might be willing to be a local contact for your area, we'd like to talk to you.

Let us know if you need help with any of this. We'd be glad to assist.


Border Patrol-Lordsburg

441 Duncan Highway

Lordsburg, NM 88045-1231

Tel: (575) 542-6091

Border Patrol-Douglas

1051 East Lawrence Ave

Douglas, AZ 85607

Tel: (520) 805-8101

Border Patrol-Willcox

1608 S Kings Hwy

Willcox, AZ85643

Tel: (520) 384-4424

Sheriff Cochise County

205 North Judd Drive
Mile Post 345, Highway 80
Bisbee, Arizona 85603

Tel: (520) 432-9505
(800) 362-0812


In an effort to combat the recent increase of home break-ins and encounters with UDAs, we are compiling a list of incidents. This information will be forwarded to the Sheriff and Border Patrol. Accordingly, we are providing you with a form to fill out for each security incident (see below). The information is time sensitive, so complete the form as soon as possible. Please print out this e-mail, fill it out, and mail it to: Jeff Gee, PO Box 16515, Portal, AZ 85632.

Incident Report Form

Owner of residence (name):_______________________________________________

Physical address: _______________________________________________________

Incident identifier no. _____ (Use separate page for each incident, and number consecutively with #1 = earliest incident during past 5 years)

Location category (circle or underline one):

1 San Simon Valley S of Portal Rd.

2 San Simon Valley N of Portal Rd.

3 Chiricahua Foothills vic Horseshoe Canyon

4 Chiricahua Foothills vic Sulphur Canyon

5 Chiricahua Foothills vic Cave Creek Canyon

6 Chiricahua Foothills vic White Tail Canyon

7 Cave Creek Canyon

8 White Tail Canyon

9 Rt 9 valley toward Animas from San Simon valley

10 Peloncillo foothills vic Mauser, Burro Canyons

11 Peloncillo foothills vic Owl Canyon

12 Peloncillo foothills vic Skeleton Canyon

GPS coordinates, if known: _______________________________________

Year ______ and month ______ of incident (if known).

Time of day of incident (circle or underline one): unknown daylight nighttime

No. of resident’s vehicles present during incident (if known): __________

Personal danger level (circle or underline most appropriate response):

0 Resident(s) absent during incident

1 Resident(s) present during incident

2 Resident(s) present and drew arm(s) on invader

3 Invader(s) drew arm(s) on resident

4 Injury or death of invader

5 Injury or death of resident

Damage level (circle or underline most appropriate number):

0 Encounter but no break-in or theft (e.g., requests for water, food, phone); skip intervening questions and go to below dotted line on reverse of sheet

1 Some property damage and/or theft (incl. long-distance calls)

2 Major property damage and/or theft (> $1,000)

Mode of entry, if relevant (circle or underline appropriate response):

0 no forced entry (door or window open)

1 forced entry

Estimated dollar damage for forced entry and occupation $___________________

Category of items stolen (circle or underline most appropriate response):

0 no items stolen (burglary interrupted, etc., or failed entry)

1 food, cooking/eating utensils, backpacks, clothing, binoculars

2 vehicle(s)

3 electronics, camera

4 other (specify) _____________________________________

Estimated dollar value of items stolen, if relevant: _______________________

Gratuitous (intentional) damage (circle or underline one): 0— no 1—yes

Estimated dollar value of gratuitous damage, if relevant: $_________________


Resident called Sheriff (circle or underline one):

0 no 1 yes (Lordsburg)

2 yes (Willcox) 3 yes (Douglas)

Time for Sheriff’s deputy to arrive (if relevant) (circle or underline one):

0 Visit not requested by owner

1 0-15 min

2 16-30 min

3 30-60 min

4 over 60 min

Resident called BP (circle or underline one): 0—no 1—yes

If BP called, help requested from (circle or underline one): Lordsburg Douglas Willcox

Time for BP to arrive (if relevant) (circle or underline one):

0 Visit not requested by owner

1 0-15 min

2 16-30 min

3 30-60 min

4 over 60 min

Total years in present residence: ____________________

Total break-ins during that time: ____________________

Any additional comments:_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Howard Topoff 2011