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By simply checking out a book with a library card, you are automatically a member of the Library. "Friends Of The Library" is a separate support group, whose funds help to purchase books and equipment, and maintain the premises. To help sponsor the Library please become a member of "Friends Of The Library". It's simple. Just click on the icon above.

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With the assistance of volunteers, Myrtle Kraft founded our current library in 1978 on the site of the old school house owned by San Simon School District #18.

When Mrs. Kraft retired in 1995, the community decided to honor her by naming the library after her. Dedicated volunteers, many of them members of Friends of the Myrtle Kraft-Portal Library, continue to staff the desk and do most of the behind the-scenes work.

The library has been a community gathering place, the staging area for parades and celebrations, and the site of hundreds of meetings, classes, discussion groups, and award-winning summer series called "Library for Kids”.

The library became a branch of Cochise County Library District in 1980. Our Branch Coordinator, under the direction of the Cochise County Library District, provides training and support for the volunteers. The district provides books and other library materials, supplies, equipment and interlibrary loan services.




1.0 Call to Order: Meeting was called to order 2:05 pm. Members present: Reed Peters, Jeanne Williams, Mary Lacey, Helen Snyder, Vaughn Camacho

and Marjorie Murphey-CamachoCraig McEwan, Delane Blondeau, Maya Decker, Bonnie Sites, Vicki Beno, Debbie Anbinder

1a Adoption of Agenda: Mary Lacy asked to include, under Old Business, how to pay for the work done on the Teacherage. A motion was made, by Helen Snyder, to include this under 6c Repairs and Payments. 2nd by Mary Lacey.

2.0 The minutes of the March 25, 2014 meeting were read by Debbie Anbinder, Secretary. Motion made, by Mary Lacey, to accept the minutes as read. 2nd by Mya Decker.

3.0 Treasurer’s Report: Maya Decker, Treasurer, reviewed the Friends of Myrtle Kraft Library financials for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2014. A corrected balance (attached) reflects Total Banking Assets $10,334.65. Maya shared that she set up a savings account so that the Friends assets could earn interest. She tries to maintain a $1,500 balance in the checking account. Under memberships, when a member includes a donation along with their annual dues, she captures that amount under Membership Income. Zero dollars were spent for office supplies, and stamps, for the 2014 fiscal year. Of note is that cleaning supplies were donated by a member. Discussion ensued regarding the sizeable asset that the Friends Group has in the bank. Delane Blondeau suggested that we give a donation to Peter Grill for his hours of work on the Teacherage. Vicki Beno asked that we defer discussion until Old Business, 6c Repairs and Payments. Helen Snyder suggested that the Friends Board create a budget and a rainy day fund. Discussion on the potential safety issue regarding the large rock under the Teacherage floor. A table has been set over the rock to ensure that no one falls. The floor is not repairable due to the extreme settlement of this very old building.. Delane Blondeau moved to accept the budget as corrected. 2nd by Mary Lacey.

4.0 Committee Reports:

4a Thank you notes - Delane Blondeau said that she has written 13 thank you notes. Maya Decker has created stationary, with a color picture of the Myrtle Kraft Library, to be used for thank you notes. Maya Decker wrote thank you notes to acknowledge sizeable financial and book donations.

4b Landscaping - Jeanne Williams stressed that she is no longer able to continue watering the park and trees. Jeanne has watered this landscape since the day(s) all were planted. She will continue, however, to take care of the trees planted in memory of Herb & Ginny Appelt. Helen Snyder will ask Debb Johnson to water. Helen Snyder reminded us that we need to protect the stump sprouts on the sycamore trees. She also suggested that the Friends hire an arborist to see if some dead trees, that owls nest in and that woodpeckers utilize, can be shored up. Craig McEwan mentioned that Columbus Electric has heavy machinery and, that for a nominal charge, can dig a hole. We can then, perhaps, lash the dead tree, south of the library, to an electric pole. Helen Snyder offered to investigate and provide the costs for both. The best time to do the work is July & August.

4c Book Sales - Mary Lacey shared that the Teacherage/Book Store is open daily. In 2014, the best sale days were during Oktoberfest and the St Patrick’s Day parade. Since the Book Store is not manned, except for special events, there is no easy way to capture daily sales. Reed Peters thanked Mary and Jon Lacey for taking their time to organize the books by subject matter. For large volume book donations we use the 501 (c)(3) form created by Vicki Beno.

4d Membership - Vicki Beno reported that the number of members increased over last year to 124 memberships.

5.0 Sign up for 2015 Committees

Hospitality: Marjorie Murphey-Camacho

Thank-You Notes: Delane Blondeau

Landscaping: Helen Snyder

Refinishing outside benches: John Pouy

Book Sales: Mary Lacey, Vaughn Camacho

Membership: Vicki Beno, Reed Peters

6.0 Old Business

6a Vicki Beno reported that all of the children’s books, from a donation for this purpose, have been purchased. Each book will have a plaque inside that says “In Memory of Penny Johnston”. This completes the donation.

6b List of volunteers: Vicki Beno read a listing of current volunteers: Mike Chase, Maya Decker, Boyd Dennison, Rene Donaldson, and Tony Ceyela. It was mentioned that Rene really helped a lot when Kathleen Talbot, Librarian, was out for surgery. Delane Blondeau wrote a thank you note to Rene for all of her hard work and support.

6c Teacherage Repairs - Mary Lacey said that the school district reported that they had no money to repair anything on the Teacherage Building. Peter Grill, President of the School Board and local resident, offered to put on a new roof, charging only for materials and for his helpers. Boyd Dennison, helper, has been paid for his work on the roof. “Brad” (Harold Bradford) , helper, needs to submit an invoice so that a check can be generated for his work. Mary Lacey will contact Brad. Helen Snyder mentioned that the proceeds of the sale of the Bill Reinbold wood carving and Marge Fagan painting , from O’Leary Squire’s estate, are to go toward fixing the roof. Maya Decker made a motion, 2nd by Mary Lacey, that we gift a $500 donation to Peter Grill for his time. All agreed.Motion passed.

6d John Pouy has refinished the outside wooden bench. Delane Blondeau sent him a thank you note.

7.0 New Business

7a Grand Re-opening of the Bookstore - We would like to celebrate the re-opening of the repaired/beautified bookstore by holding a hot dog lunch. The date needs to be when Peter Grill, and his helpers, are available and before the Lacey’s leave the area for the summer. Vicki Beno and Mary Lacey will select a date and make sure it is advertised. Tentative date is Friday, April 10 11:00am - 1:00pm. Reed Peters made a motion that the Friends buy the food and paper goods etc for this event. 2nd by Bonnie Sites. Vicki will send Helen Snyder a shopping list for the luncheon.

7b. Vicki Beno researched buying a heavy cast bronze plaque for the outside bench commemorating Ginny Appelt. Maya Decker made a motion to proceed, up to $135. 2nd by Helen Snyder.

7c. Teacherage Sign - Vicki Beno reported that Rick Beno created and erected the sign. Delane Blondeau will send Rick a thank you note.

7d Move checking - discussion deferred until after Board elections.

7e Silent Auction - Vicki Beno reported that the Bill Reinbold wood carving, donated by O’Leary Squirer’s estate, generated $550.00.

8.0 Unable to attend, Kathleen Talbot, Librarian, left a report to be shared (attached)

9.0 Election of new officers: Bonnie Sites read the list of nominations for the Board positions. We thanked Vicki Beno, out going President, for her 8 years of service as President of the Friends. Board positions are for 2 years. fff

Nominations are:

President - Maya Decker

Vice President - Helen Snyder

Treasurer - Debbie Anbinder

Secretary - Bobby Schurian

Members-at-large - Reed Peters, Pat Espernak, Tony Donaldson

Once nominations were closed, Delane Blondeau made a motion that the vote be passed by acclamation. 2nd Reed Peters.

Moving our banking has been tabled until Maya Decker confirms the requirements to change signatures at Southeastern Arizona Federal Credit Union in Douglas AZ

10. Cochise County Librarian, Lise Gilliland, was not able to attend.

11.0 Adjournment Motion made by Mary Lacey to adjourn the meeting. 2nd by Reed Peters.. Meeting adjourned 3:40pm


Howard Topoff 2011