Wind Dancer Farm


The Local Farmers Market For Our Community

Delivered from our farm to your home!

Regular farmers market deliveries and farm stands pick-ups will

soon be available in the San Simon Valley. Towns will include

Portal, Rodeo, Animas, and surrounding areas.

Growing Health

We know that food grown on healthy land with healthy farming is healthy food. As a regenerative farm, we act as stewards of this land, caring for its health to support yours. Although we are NOT certified organic as of yet, we implement natural methods such as permaculture, vermiculture, organic amendments, compost, and off-grid renewable power. We NEVER use herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

A Family Tradition

Our family grew up in agriculture with Miranda's father owning a farm in California. We are proud to grow the food that feeds your families. Thank you for supporting this tradition.

Delivery or Pick-up

We will be adding new pick-up sites and delivery times. Check to find a spot near you! If you have questions about delivery or pick-up options, drop us a line!

Contact Information:

Phone: (520)815-6393 Internet:

Introductions Please...

December 14, 2020

Welcome to our farm website. We are, farmer James and farmer Miranda and we are so excited to be growing, fresh healthy, GMO-free veggies for our community here in the valley. We moved to the Portal area last June to build our dream and create a regenerative permaculture homestead and farm. A 20 year dream come true!

One greenhouse is up and the second one is being built this week. So far we have ready for winter market, curly green kale, flat leaf parsley, large, delicious greens such as arugula, mizuna and red leaf lettuce and sweet beets. Other items growing but not quite ready for market are napa cabbage, and the beautiful, fractal puntoverde green cauliflower.

We are getting our ducks in order and will be ready for spring market via our mobile roadside stand (being built), farmers markets and delivery to neighboring towns.

Howard Topoff 2011