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The Portal Christmas Bird Count (sponsored by the National Audubon Society) will be on Saturday, December 30, 2023.  The Portal CBC team has begun planning for the count so that we can cover as much territory as possible and count as many birds as possible within our 15-mile diameter circle—roughly from Rodeo to Onion Saddle and Willow Tank to Harris Mountain.  We are abiding by the guidelines set by the Audubon Society to reduce exposure to COVID-19 and other infectious diseases.


Currently, we are meeting the Audubon Society guidelines with these policies: 

·      Gatherings are at the discretion of the local compiler and should be held outside if possible.

·      Masking is recommended if social distancing is not possible in the field.

·      Carpooling may only occur within existing familiar or social “pod” groups.

·      Activities must comply with all current state and municipal COVID-19 guidelines.


If you would like to participate and have not received an email from me, please reply to this message and answer a few questions: 

·      What are your strengths and weaknesses for winter birds?

·      Are you interested in counting birds in your yard and at your feeder?

·      Are you interested in exploring a designated area on foot (and by car)?

·      Do you have physical limitations for hiking?


Get in touch if you’d like to participate—we can use more eyes and ears.


Bonnie Bowen, Portal CBC Scheduler



July 24 - 27, 2024