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Meteorology versus Meteors

If a meteorologist studies weather, what do we call a person who studies meteors? In the days of ancient Greeks, meteorology was the study of the atmosphere, and anything that came out of it - rain, sleet, snow, hail. So, not too surprising that meteorology became the study of weather. But what about meteors? The science of meteors is called Meteorics. Accordingly, a student of meteors is a meteoriticist. A tongue twister to be sure.

Key Points About June Weather (From NOAA)

The early and robust start to the monsoon precipitation in June, thankfully carried through into a busy July. After some slow days early in the month, the broad mid-level ridge of high pressure (“Four Corners High”) moved into a favorable position around July 10th to steer additional deep moisture into the Southwest. Afternoon thunderstorm development occurred daily through the rest of the month, leading to isolated heavy rain, especially across higher elevation areas in the state.

The outlook is favorable for monsoon activity to continue at a brisk pace through August. The official precipitation outlook issued by the NOAA-Climate Prediction Center on July 31 calls for an increased chance of above-average precipitation for all of Arizona through the end of August.

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