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Audrey & Guy Miller

Guy Miller

Aubrey Guy Miller was born on January 5th, 1923 in his home, which was located between Rodeo, NM and Apache, AZ. He was known his entire life by his middle

‍ name. The place he was born at was known as the Lee place, homesteaded by the Lee brothers, which was eventually bought out by Guy's father, Theodore Floyd Miller in 1912. His mother was Amy Adele Hardcastle. Guy was the youngest of six children: Jim, William Chesley (known as Bill), Theodore Floyd Jr. (who died at about age 9), Elta, Dixie Josephine, and lastly Guy. Guy's parents came to this valley from Alamogordo, NM, when his mother was pregnant with her first child. Guy's father, who went by Floyd, was killed in a car accident on old Highway 80 west of Lordsburg when Guy was about 10 years old.

Guy started cowboying as a young child. He acquired his first horse when he was very young and owned at least one horse every day of his life. He started working for rancher Birt Roberds when he was about 15 years old, and continued for about 30 years. In 1968, the Unisource Corporation of Minnesota bought out the ranch from Roberds. Eventually Guy and his wife Audrey, along with Ben Steele, bought out Uniwestern and named their real estate company Uniwestern. Later, Guy and Audrey bought out Ben Steele. At this time they moved into the ranch headquarters on Portal Road. It was eventually purchased  by Bill Cavaliere in 2009.

Guy knew his future wife, Audrey Morrow, since they were both young children. They were married on December 28th, 1942 in Lordsburg, NM, when he was 19 and Audrey was 15. They had two daughters, Elizabeth Adele "Custie" Miller Mauzy (deceased) and Dixie Louise "Prissy" Miller Wright.

Guy was a very sociable person his entire life, enjoying ropings, picnics, dances and other gatherings, and visiting with people of all ages. He possessed an old-time sense of humor and had a large number of friends.  

Guy Miller died on June 28, 2012 after a brief illness. He was buried in the Paradise Cemetery, next to Audrey.

Audrey Miller    

Audrey Louise Morrow Miller was born on May 31st, 1927 in Bisbee, AZ. Here parents were Ralph Morrow and Juanita Kuykendall Morrow. She has one sibling, a brother Wayne. At the time Audrey was born, her father was working as an ice man in Bisbee. They later moved to Hilltop, AZ, a mining town in the Chiricahua Mountains, then to Douglas, AZ, where Ralph was employed as a deputy sheriff with the Cochise County Sheriff's Office. He eventually was employed many years as a Game Warden. Audrey was 15 years old and attending school in Douglas when she eloped with 19-year old Guy Miller, whom she had known since she was a child. They were married by the Justice of the Peace in Lordsburg, NM on December 28th, 1942. Guy's brother Bill and his wife Adeline went with them to witness the ceremony. Guy and Audrey first settled in Post Office Canyon but only lived there about a year. They then moved into Sulphur Canyon, where they remained for 33 years while Guy worked for Birt Roberds. They eventually moved into the ranch headquarters on Portal Road.  

Audrey had two daughters, Elizabeth Adele "Custie" Miller Mauzy (deceased) and Dixie Louise "Prissy" Miller Wright.

Audrey had many friends and was well known throughout the valley. Over the years, she worked such jobs as driving a school bus, punching cattle, as well as in a restaurant in Rodeo. In the mid-1970s she obtained her real estate license, which she was very successful at. In 2005, she and Guy were inducted into the Hidalgo County Cattleman's Hall of Fame. Audrey died in 2010 and is buried in the Paradise Cemetery.