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 Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. How do I get my contact information on the community e-maillist so I can keep up with all the activities in the community?

A.Send your request to Alice Wakefield: 

Q. How do I get an announcement sent to the entire community?

A. Send themessage to:portal-rodeo@googlegroups.com

Here Are Some Instructions:

*Always initiate any new correspondence with new emails. Please do not reply to messages from the Portal Rodeo gmail account. Each time you or your server (if emails to you fail) replies to me, your message is added to a gmail ‘conversation’, and having 20-30 messages in one conversation under a single title makes it difficult for me to retrieve important information (including yours) for circulation. I cannot respond to any new request for posting, or for addition of names to the email list, if those requests are made as replies to a prior posting. I will ignore such requests altogether or tell you to “initiate a new message”.

*If you want me to post something, send me a new message with a descriptive title specific to message content. Your message will go out under the title you send. If your title simply states ‘Please forward”, then it will go out under that title, rather than (say) the much more informative “This week’s Hiking Club event”. If you send me a message about store hours as a response to a “USFS Fire Update”, it will go out under the USFS subject heading and may not be read by your store’s clients.

* If you intend to reply to the person initiating the message, then do so directly, and do not reply to the community account. Messages to third parties will not be forwarded and will never go to the individual you are targeting. A recent example: please send all email related to the new phonebook to the address set up for that purpose and not back to the community account, where it will be lost.

* Please carefully check your title and messagecontent for spelling and other errors prior to sending it to me for posting. I merely post your emails and will not rewrite them.

* I cannot respond to requests for long distance phone call-backs. Cell phones do not work from my home, and I do not have LD service on my VTC phone account.

* I will not write emails for you except when the email involves public safety – e.g., fire news or Search and Rescue. In that case, the message originator may be pressed for time and plugged into phone as well as email conversations.

* Advertise your important event early (at least a week before), not on the day of the event. (Your correspondent sometimes goes to town for groceries.) I will be happy to post your event more than once, e.g., the day before, if you send me a ‘Reminder’ email for posting. We oldsters can lose track of dates and events.

Q. Who do I call for a medical emergency?


For ALL Emergencies Call: 911

Q. I can’t keep up with the trash pick-up schedule. Please help!

A. No problem. Here’s the schedule. If it changes, we’ll be the first to know, so check back from time to time.

Trash Pick-Up Schedule

Wednesday and Saturday (8:00 - 11:00 am (AZ)

Each bag: $2.00

Rodeo, New Mexico

(For New Mexico Residents Only!)

Hours Of Operation:

Tuesday & Thursday  8:00 am - 2:00 pm

Saturday 8:00 am - Noon

Operator: Victor Somoza   575.557.2390
Lorina Moores

They accept aluminum cans, scrap metal and used motor oil (not contaminated with water or antifreeze), but not much else that can be recycled.

Additional information can be obtained from Bob Hill, the Hidalgo County Manager (575) 542-9428 (office) (575) 542-3414 (fax) (575) 313-1089 (cell).

Q. I want to schedule an event in the Portal Rescue Building. Who do I call about scheduling.

A. Bonnie Bowen (558-0038).


Q. Who made you the webmaster?

A. I was appointed by the local warlords!

A. The Wizard holds court during Oktoberfest and other celebrations. He also responds to all e-mail. To send a message to the Wizard, just click on the Wizard icon to the right!


Q. I have many problems and must speak with the Wizard.