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Hike For July 7 - Shaw Peak and Horsefall Trails

Meet: Silver Peak Trailhead at 8:00 am (AZ) - 9:00 am (NM)

Carol Simon  (520) 558-2433  casimon@vtc.net 

Elaine Moisan (520)558-5204 emoisan2011@hotmail.com

Three hikers chose a familiar route for our Thursday hike. Deciding not to drive very far, we walked in South Fork and took the Burro Trail to Red Rock.


                          South Fork, Photo by Border Patrol Officer Richardson

Since the monsoon is in place, the day didn’t get too hot. As we walked through South Fork we encountered a camp of about eight tents just a half mile above Bathtub. We quickly realized that this was a Wild Arizona camp and the campers were a trail crew already hard at work. This organization is led by our own Jonathan, who is the Field Operations Manager at Wild Arizona. This group has helped immensely with our very needy trails.

The Burro Trail to Red Rock was in excellent shape. The tread was great, there were no downed trees and there were impressive patches of rock work supporting the trail in places, reducing the risk of sliding down a hillside. Those of us that enjoy hiking on a proper trail truly thank all the trails crews, both paid and volunteer, for their hard, hard work. 

After sitting at Red Rock for a bit we knew we had to head down the partly exposed trail as it was thundering and lightening. As we reached the bottom of the Burro Trail we did experience some light rain for the next mile or so. It was nice. The creek in South Fork reflects the fact that it has been raining off and on for several weeks now. An early monsoon. We walked about six miles.

                                              Red Rock, Photo by Carol

                                          Clouds Are Building, Photo by Carol

                                         Raindrops on Bathtub, Photo by Carol

Next week we will meet at the Silver Peak Trailhead at 8:00 a.m. AZ time. If we have two high clearance vehicles we will put one of them down in Pinery Canyon and return to Onion Saddle. From here we will hike the Shaw Peak and Horsefall Trails, mostly, but not entirely, downhill. We will be walking on what are usually good trails for a total of about four miles. If we don’t have the vehicles we will choose an alternative hike.

Happy Trails, Carol

The 62 Highest Peaks, Mountains, Hills, And Lookouts In The Chiricahuas

(Tabulated by Ray Brooks)

(Form Necessary To Work With Trail Crew)

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To volunteer with the US Forest Service, fill out an application. If accepted, a Volunteer Service Agreement specifying the task(s) will be sent to you.
DOWNLOAD THE FORM. Print it, fill out, sign in block 23, and date. You can scan a signed document and e-mail it toArmando Arvizu at:             armando.arvizu@usda.gov

You can also mail the form to Armando at the Douglas Ranger District Office:

1192 W. Saddle View Rd.  Douglas, AZ 85607

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