Portal, AZ - Rodeo, NM

Serving The Communities Of Portal and Rodeo  (www.portal-rodeo.com)

House Sitting/Renting

If you know someone who wants to house sit or rent a room, apartment, etc for a period of time they should send the Webmaster details (location, dates, length of time) and their Contact Information.

If you have such a place available immediately, look at the web page and see if you find a match.

If you have a room or guest house available and you know that you will be home while the guest is present, it is ok to send me the details for posting. 

But if you are planning to be away, and no match is posted on the web site, you probably should not “advertise” that you will NOT be home.

Long-Term Rental Wanted

My name is Thomas and I am a retired guy, bird watcher, wildlife biologist for first half of my working life, and I am looking for a long term rental in the Portal or Cave Creek Canyon area. I am looking for a casita, or house-share, or something reasonable, as opposed to an expensive full sized home to rent. I was told by a local that I should send you an email and that possibly you would post something on my behalf on your website. If not, then please consider me if you hear of anything. No vices, quiet, two graduate degrees, no pets. Thank you for your consideration!

Contact Thomas: signaltgs@gmail.com