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Portal Rescue-Minutes-Agenda

Board Meeting – May 9, 2024

Attending: Board members Cary Booth, Dinah Davidson (by phone), Penni Parrish, Alina Downer, David Newton and Aaron Smith; Additional Active Members: n/a Community Member: n/a

    1)    Call to Order President Cary Booth called the meeting to order at 6:08 p.m.

    2)    Adoption of Agenda

The Agenda was adopted unanimously. Motion by Cary and a second by Aaron.

    3)    Acceptance of Minutes

The March 9, 2024 minutes were adopted as written unanimously after a motion by Dinah and a second by Aaron.

    4)    Reports

Fire Chief (David Newton)

    a)    Operations: No Fires.  Firefighters assisted on all medical calls.

    b)    Training:  

    i)    Trainings well attended.

    ii)    Two firefighters trained to drive Tender 7

    iii)    David attended a one day training on Mental Health First Aid, but it wasn’t what was expected and not very useful.

    iv)    3 New prospects for Radio Operators were identified at the April 21st Recruitment Meeting.

    c)    Vehicles: 

    i)    All vehicles are in service.  Tender 1 had its parking brake system fixed and oil changed at the Kenworth dealer in Tucson

    ii)    Tender 7 had its oil changed and was ready to serve when Tender 1 was in Tucson for Service.

    d)    Grants: 

    i)    Portal Rescue’s radio grant was audited by FEMA.  FEMA requested multiple items of documentation and David has provided everything requested.  FEMA responded last week and stated that the review was complete and no issues were found.

    e)    Building Maintenance:  

    i)    David with assistance from others is working on the T-coil hearing loop in the classroom.  A/C filter for classroom replaced.  David has started working on the facilities self inspection check list. 

    EMS Chief (Alina Downer)

    a)    Calls: 2 Medical Calls in April, and 2 Month to Date for May

    b)    Equipment:

    i)    Rescue 233 and Rescue 4 are both in service.  Off-road lights on Rescue 4 to improve visibility on nighttime calls.  Appreciation extended to Rolf, Henry, David, and Aaron for their support driving and lifting patients.

    c)    Personnel: 

i)    One EMT attending a conference in Ruidoso, NM and will be sharing lessons learned with our group.

    ii)    Next training is scheduled for Sunday, May 12th from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

    d)    Community Outreach:

    i)    Community CPR class facilitated by Alina and Jackie on April 4th, 2024 and facilitated a class for SWRS staff.

    ii)    PR EMTs Alina and Laura will be at Farmer’s Market Second Saturday this weekend with Rescue 4, other Portal Rescue members are welcome to attend.  It would be good to have at least 3 people.

    iii)    Portal Rescue will be participating in the The Friends of Cave Creek Garden Party on May 25th.  2 EMTs are available to bring a rescue vehicle and perform blood pressure checks, hand out File of Life forms, and answer any questions.  Alina stated that she would like to do something different and fun at this event and solicited feedback from the Board.  Penni offered to come up with some ideas and email to her in the follow week.

    Treasurer (Jackie Lewis) – current as of May 9th, 2024

    a)    Assets 2024 Year-To-Date Financials (see Appendix A.)

    b)    We received our expected notice of non-renewal for workman’s comp insurance.  Every 3 years agents at Southwest Risk Management attempt to find a new open market insurer.  Renee is working on getting a new policy in place before our 7/7/2024 expiration.

    c)    We received a check and cover letter from the PayPal Giving Fund.  A scan of the check and cover letter are attached to this email (or Cary can put them on the screen at the meeting).  It appears to be legitimate and Jackie can open an account at no cost.  Donors would be able to also donate directly through PayPal.  PayPal Giving Fund Home - PayPal US.

    d)    Jackie would like board input before opening the checking account to outside donations.

Jackie had not heard back from 2 accountants before Tuesday, May 7th about assisting with the 2023 Portal Rescue tax return.  Jackie filed an extension and shortly after it was mailed, Monika Patience was able to set up an appointment for me on Wednesday, May 29th.  We have until November 15th to file so we can do it a little leisurely and accurately.  We may need to file a couple amended returns as well.  The postcard return filed for 2022 doesn’t leave the paper trail that we would like to see and there appear to be 2 missing returns.  Board members asked if we could determine which tax returns are missing.

    e)    We have 3 CDs maturing the end of the month:  On 5/23/2024 $20K at 5.15% and $15K at 5.15%; on 5/29/2024 $30K at 5.2%.  Current rates are around 5-5.15%.  My recommendation is to let Vicki Merritt @ Edward Jones find the best rate and term for us on their maturity.  After discussion, Cary motioned to request that Vicki provide 2 options for CD reinvestment that would provide best yield and offer staggered expirations, Seconded by Dinah.

    f)    Over $1700 has been donated to Portal Rescue in Memory of Jeanne Williams.  Thank you to all who suggested making donations in Jeanne’s name and all who made the donations.

      Member Without Portfolio (Aaron Smith) 

    a)    No updates.

Secretary (Penni Parrish) 

    a)    Penni continues to promote Portal Rescue on Facebook platform and perform outreach support of Portal Rescue by promoting volunteering/donations to community members and potential new neighbors.

Vice-President (Dinah Davidson) 

    a)    Dinah working on the next Volunteer Posters and will highlight contributions made by Bill Wilbur and Bonnie Bowen.

    b)    Dinah brought to PR Board that Bonnie Bowen would like to form a paperwork committee to handle room reservations so that Bonnie is not the sole arbiter of controversial decisions.  After a short discussion, Alina motioned to give Bonnie authority to form the committee autonomously, Seconded by Aaron.

    c)    Charity Navigator and Grant Funds Requests

    i)    Dinah has requested permission from the board to continue online application process for Charity Navigator and Juan Ciscomani’s grant funds.  Motion by David to grant permission to Dinah to continue efforts, and a second by Aaron. As the community grows, Portal Rescue is going to need to grow with it and consider major expenses to expand coverage of the area; radio repeater, new vehicles/vehicle modifications for 4WD access, equipment for patient loading assistance, CPR assist machines for calls when there is only one EMT, bunk areas for wildland fire/search and rescue.  Motion by Cary to move to New Business and further discussion and a second by Aaron.

President (Cary Booth) 

    a)    Cary has successfully migrated the www.portalrescue.com and emails over to his management.  The new website development is well underway and he hopes to have it complete within the following two weeks.

    b)    Cary has requested that a secondary person on the board have administrative access to the PR website and emails, in the event of his absence and/or an emergency.  After discussion of password savers, and back up plans, Aaron motioned to table discussion to the next meeting and to revisit with proposals, Seconded by Cary.

    c)    Cary assisted David with hearing loop set up in April.

    d)    Cary is working on emails and re-sending Portal Rescue email address passwords to board members as requested.

    e)    David inquired about cost to purchase www.portalrescue.org.  Cary to look into pricing and report to board via email.

    5)    Continuing Business

    a)    Updates from Points and Perks Committee

    i)    LOSAP – Survey has not gone out to volunteers for interest in participation.

    ii)    Helicopter Membership – Survey has not gone out to volunteers for interest in participation.

    iii)    Alina needs to finalize the volunteer survey and send out to Portal Rescue volunteers.  David and Alina are also trying to source additional providers so they can compare other programs to the current one.

    b)    Volunteer Recruitment Strategies

    i)    Penni presented to PR Board the need to create a Volunteer/Fundraising Committee that is made up of community members, led by a coordinator who reports to the board. This will allow more involvement with community members and help increase fundraising and recruiting efforts as our community and the needs of the community grows.

    ii)    Penni is tasked with drafting a job description for an Outreach Coordinator for review by board members at the next board meeting

    iii)    David and Alina have expressed a need for recruiting more volunteers, especially year round/summer residents to assist.  Ballpark target is 6 new radio operators, 6 new firefighters, and 6 new EMTs.

    c)    Worn Chair replacement- Board review of models provided by Jackie.  After review of weight capacity and available seat cushion and materials, the PR Board would like to move forward with getting a quote on the NPS 9200 with Silver Frame/ Blue Vinyl Seat cover.  Link to be sent to Jackie to get quote and request for any quantity discounts available.

    d)    Classroom Usage Paperwork Updates- none

    e)    2024 Building Project Progress

    i)    Fire Building office and storage loft update- David is working on a strategy for removing storage items to clear out the space and reorganize.  He proposes to bring 6 to 12 wire racks into the area for storage and to forego adding an office at this time.  Aaron mentions that Larry Rivers may have racks that are 2 pallets deep that could be used, David would prefer to work with something that is a bit smaller.

    ii)    Responders Lounge- no updates.

    6)    New Business 

    a)    2025 large expenditure Wish List for grant search and budget forecasting Items identified by board members for consideration:

    i)    Modification of PR Classroom to create Commercial Kitchen.  Weigh In from Jackie needed

    ii)    Used sedan for Meeting/Training travel.

    iii)    New Vehicle for EMTs with 4WD capability

    iv)    Powerloader 

    v)    Newer Cot 

    vi)    Rechassis Brush 5

    vii)    Replace Brush 9

    viii)Relocation of repeater and updating equipment; potential land lease or acquisition, storage shack/structure, power, phone.  Ongoing to discussions to determine what might be needed.

    b)    Planning for CDs maturing late in May 

    c)    David notified the board that a person (who is also a member of the Sheriff's Assist Team) contacted him a couple months ago about exploring the possibility of setting up a GMRS radio repeater on the Portal Rescue station tower that would serve the residents and visitors of the Cave Creek area.   Users would need to get a GMRS operator's license ($35) from the FCC, but there is no skills test.  In addition to casual use, the system could be used to summon emergency services when the phones are down and no cell service is available.  The Board’s sense was to allow testing.

Residents would be responsible for purchasing their own equipment, but the repeater and such would be supplied at no cost to Portal Rescue. He has set up a handful of other systems in Cochise County.  GMRS operates in the UHF band and would not interfere with our usual VHF communications.  David is seeking permission for him to proceed with testing to see if it is viable.

    d)    The next Board Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, July11th, 6:00 p.m.

    7)    For the Good of the Order

    a)    The next blood drive is set for May 16th.  All appointments have been taken, but there may be a need for back up donors, if we have cancelations.

    b)    Notification needs to be sent out to the community that visitors with pets must pick up their waste.

    8)    Adjournment Cary adjourned the meeting 8:15 pm.