Portal, AZ - Rodeo, NM

New Year’s Brunch

Well, another new event in our community, and just as crazy as so many others. For those who might not have stayed up until the wee hours of morning on New Year’s Eve, we decided to hold a brunch. And true to form, enough people and food showed up to ensure a successful event. But food was not nearly enough. The Wizard of Portal (aka Howeird), gave a presentation on how the New Year is celebrated around the world. In Denmark they break plates, so we smashed plates on the stone floor of the Portal Rescue classroom. What fun!

Howard Sweeping Up The Smashed Dishes

In some towns in Peru, the villagers come together in the spirit of neighborly love and beat the hell out of each other.

Many of our residents came prepared to fight. And yes there were casualties.

But then came the “MAIN EVENT.” Howard was challenged by his grandson Hunter, by Wyatt Mendez and Deborah Herczog - to the world famous Blue Bubble Fisticuffs. The fighters collided with each other as the blood-thirsty crowd cheered them on. And it WAS bloody, as Wyatt (second photo below) was knocked on his back, hit his head on the concrete floor and lost a bit of blood. The crowd roared its approval!

Bubble Fight Video - Howeird And Grandson Hunter