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Pi Day- 2023

Started by a physicist at the San Francisco Exploratorium in 1988, Pi Day soon became an annual national celebration. And celebrate we did on 3/14. The number of people and the amount of food far exceeded our expectation. Yes, we had dessert pies - of every flavor imaginable, but then came the other pies: spaghetti pie, pizza pie, chicken pot pie. OH MY!

There were games, songs, activities and a multimedia presentation about all things Pi. This turned out to be one of the funniest and unusual celebrations we ever stage in Portal. 

Donna - Pi Day Queen and Mayor
Pat Espenak's Creation Returns

 You Can Advance The Slides With The Right & Left Arrows, On Either Side Of The Thumbnail Images 

A  6-Second Movie Of The Pi Day Celebration I Would Like To Hold - But I Don’t Want To Be On The Cleanup Committee


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Pat Espenak Returns With Her Extraordinary Pi

WOW.You Can Actually Pee Pi

Did You Know:

1. Joan Of Ark  Lived In Arkansas

2. She Was Not Burned At The Stake. She Was Stoned. That’s How The Capital Of Arkansas Became Little Rock!

Cedar Wood Pi Carving

Contributed by Charlie and Barb Doty

Poem Submitted By Susanne Apitz