Portal, AZ - Rodeo, NM

Serving The Communities Of Portal and Rodeo  (www.portal-rodeo.com)


A New Community Service In Town

Joining PortalRodeo-Shares lets you share with others, lets you save a drive into town as you can notify others if you need something like: 

...a spare part (plumbing, electric, auto, hardware, wire, wood etc)

...brief tool loan-kitchen/pantry/sewing/office/first aid/cleaning/art/sewing/paint 

…a RIDE somewhere

...help with a quick repair or lifting

...information, referrals, ideas, brainstorming

PortalRodeo-Shares is founded in the hopes that many if not most interactions will result in free exchange of "stuff" but individual situations will vary.

How to join:  Send your name, email and/or phone number to Deborah Herczog at thrasherdeb@aol.com   

Your name and email address will be added to PortalRodeo Shares google group list.  When you want to make a request, write an email with the specifics including your phone number and send it via email to thrasherdeb@aol.com.  It will be posted to all members of the group as soon as possible.


1. Reply to a request only if you want to and are able to share.

2. If you can provide assistance, reply only to the participant making the request, NOT TO THE ENTIRE GROUP.

3. Politely follow up asap to let the entire group know once the request is met.

Remember: signing up never obligates anyone to share unless it is convenient and enjoyable - responding is Totally Optional. 

The group is primarily designed to share extras that most of us have stored that might otherwise deteriorate or go to waste over time. And to help with an easy errand when someone is going into town anyway.  Participants can also choose to send a notice to one another if they have extras of something, or freebie give aways (heavy or not).  The Shares Group is another community opportunity to help neighbors, branch out to get to know others better (like newcomers), & to support one another in ongoing fashion.

*Note:  it is assumed that the loaning of items, especially more costly breakable ones, may not be an option (and as a minimum these should involve consideration & discussion between individuals about specific loan details).