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Seed Library

Welcome To The Portal-Rodeo Seed Library Group

For More Information About The Seed Group, Visit Their Web Site

Portal and Rodeo seem to have a club or group for just about any activity you can think of. So why not bring together people who enjoy gardening and especially saving and sharing seeds. After all, just about every child has heard the story of Jonny Appleseed. 

The seed library meets at the Myrtle Kraft Library in Portal. Notices of meetings are usually sent to the community via a group e-mail. The community is invited and membership is open to all.,

Seed libraries occur throughout the country, and often have interesting botanical names. How about this one?

What are the functions of Seed Libraries? According to Up Beet, it may simply be getting folks to garden and grow some of their own food. Seed libraries may also be created to develop a group of seed savers, to create locally adapted varieties, to respond proactively to climate change or loss of gene integrity due to GMOs or to preserve genetic diversity. These are all worthwhile projects.

There is no cost to join the Portal-Rodeo Seed Library, but donations are, of course, always welcome. Donated funds will be used for seed library supplies, books, etc.

If you are interested to get on the email list for this project, contact Karen at karen@k12handhelds.com

If this brief introduction stimulates your interest in saving, storing and sharing seeds, and you become excited to learn more about how to particiapate in the process do visit the Seed Library web site.

Here is a summary of the last meeting:

12/4/21 – Seed and start exchange at the library (approx. 12 people in attendance)

We had a very nice seed group gathering outdoors at the library and exchanged seeds, plant starts, and advice.

Thanks much to Kim Goodwin for putting this together and bringing so many nicely organized seed packets. Thanks also to Erinn Enriquez, Ray Mendez, Craig McEwan, and Helen Snyder for their donations. There is lots of new seed in the cabinet at the library, including many flowers, herbs, lettuce, beans, squash, melons, corn, and more, so check that out.

We’re hoping to do the next meeting at the Davidson’s to see their aquaponic system.


The Pima County (AZ) library has an excellent seed library. If you are new to Seed Libraries, they provide a video to jump-start you into a new and enjoyable activity.

You can view the video at: