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Serving The Communities Of Portal and Rodeo  (www.portal-rodeo.com)

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Portal Rescue

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Two Of The Founders Of Portal Rescue

Jeanne Williams & Delane Blondeau

Portal Rescue Web Address portalrescue.com

Emergency Service - Call 911

To make a donation, please send your (tax-deductible) check to: Portal Rescue - P.O. Box 16331 - Portal, AZ 85632.

Alina Downer - EMT Chief

Ramon Escobar 

Rodeo Fire Chief

 David Newton - Fire Chief



Governing Board

(Board-EMT-Firefighters Updated 3/31/2024)


Radio Operators

When To CALL 911:

If you have a medical emergency or think you do

If you have fallen and can’t get up

To report a fire

For search and rescue

For cell phone users, when dialing 911 from a cell phone in Portal, Arizona, immediately ask for Cochise County Sheriff Dispatch.

Cell phone users can add these numbers to their emergency contact directory to get a direct call to 911 for Cochise County:

520-805-5670 and/or 520-432-9512


Medical Helicopter Memberships



Contact Jackie Lewis for assistance with access to the needed items. 558-2287 or winjac12@vtc.net

5 Wheeled Walkers

4 Sets of Adult Adjustable Height Crutches

1 Blue Wheelchair

3 Canes

1 Set Child Adjustable Height Crutches

1 Black Wheelchair

1 Raised Toilet Seats

1 Wheeled Walker with seat and brakes

1 Raised Toilet Seat with Arms

1 Handheld Shower kit (attaches to tub faucet)

2 Shower Stools

1 Back Brace

3 Arm Slings

1 Child Car Seat

1 Portable Toilet Chair

1 Urinal

1 Limb Icer

1 Soft Boot

1 Bed Back Pillow

1 Booster Seat

Variety of incontinence pads and adult diapers

What’s Involved In Being An EMT?

PR is an all-volunteer department. EMTs are on call 24/7 and respond to medical emergencies whenever they are available. We do not have enough EMTs to have a rotating roster.

We are an all-BASIC unit with no paramedics on our roster. Douglas Fire Department (DFD) holds the certificate of necessity for our area. We transfer patient care to the DFD medic or to a helicopter transport medic.

After certifying as an EMT, and joining PR, additional self-study sessions with quizzes are required by our base hospital (Tucson Medical Center) so we can comply with their administrative orders. Recertifying every 2 years in CPR and EMT skill will typically require 24-32 hours in class attendance. Additional training is available and EMTs are encouraged to attend those sessions when possible.

I cannot tell you how many hours you would be volunteering each month because the number of calls that you might be able to go on vary. I would plan a minimum of 4-5 hours per month for training and vehicle checks.

I can tell you that it is personally rewarding to be able to help friends and neighbors in a time of crisis.

Hope this helps! If you have any other questions, please call me.

Jackie Lewis